Review – The Baby Favor by Chance Carter

Oh Chance! Reading your books is like the best refreshment! This is another male romance author that I love to read!

This book is a fast paced, hot sexy read with enough romance to make even the hardest heart swoon! Amelia and Derek’s chemistry is off the charts.  They have some bumps in their relationship road but they make it to the HEA at the end!

Chance has an amazing ability to bring his fan’s into his books, if you are part of his Diamond crew, you know what I mean! Chance’s ability to write alternate POV’s is phenomenal and how he gets into the heroine’s head is remarkable.

If you need a break from life, a quick pit stop if you will, pick up this book when it releases on January 1st!

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Review of Bad Dad – Sloane Howell

For my son. Never be afraid to feel sad. Always be a warrior for your family. Dream big and do what makes you happy…..

This dedication sets the precedent for this whole book!

I have to applaud men who write romance, they bring a fresh new spin to the genre! I especially tip my blogger/reader hat to Sloane Howell.  The first book I read from him was Cleat Chaser, to be honest, I wasn’t sure if Sloane was a guy or a gal, and I mean that as a compliment! He was the first male romance author I had ever read and I have been following him ever since! Because of Sloane, I am more open to reading romance written by menfolk.

Bad Dad is the story of Landon, his son Logan Lane and Cora (Courage) Chapman.  Cora is Logan’s teacher and the first meeting of Landon and Cora was fantastic!  The backstory of Landon was phenomenal and when we find out the story of how Logan came to be made me cry! I loved the warrior edge to Landon but you also see his vulnerability and naivete which make me want to hug him or climb him like a spider monkey! I absolutely melted at how he showed his love to Cora. And oh my Cora, wanting to be so brave and showing her heart for both Landon and Logan.  I am amazed at how Sloane can easily navigate between alternating POV’s for both Landon and Cora making it both real and engaging.  The secondary characters are fabulous and I am crossing my fingers that Joe will get his own book!  Please, please, pretty please!

Read this book, you will fall in love with these characters just like I did!

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Currently Reading – Review!!

Good evening fellow readers!  I am currently recovering from my trip to Vegas with my dear husband and friends.  Not only did I bring home souvenirs, I brought home a head cold as well….YUCK!  So what’s a gal to do when down with a bug? Read some fantastic stories in this wonderful anthology! Team Player

I am on Meghan Quinn’s review team so I was given a copy of this book and I jumped to her story Back in the Game.  GAHHH! Calder and Rachel! This story is classic Meghan, with sweetness, naughtiness and the dialogue is laugh out loud funny! My only wish is that it was longer! I fell in love with Meghan’s work when I read The Mother Road.  Meghan has the amazing ability to pull you into her stories and make you cheer on the characters.  She truly writes the perfect romantic comedy!  I hope to see more of her secondary characters in books of their own! Meghan’s writing is also so smart, she really doesn’t “talk down” to the reader which  I greatly appreciate! Bravo on another well written short story! Looking forward to future books from her!

On a side note, now that I have finished Meghan’s story, you best believe I am going to read the rest of them! I am always looking for new authors to stalk and reading new stories from authors I know and love!

You can see all things Meghan on her website! Visit Meghan’s Amazon Page


Review – Protecting Her Heart – Chance Carter

It takes a special kind of fella to write romance and write it well. I am trying to really search and find some more male romance authors, I feel they have a more intimate knowledge of the male psyche…..

Chance Carter was one of the first male authors I have read and he had me hooked!  I was lucky enough to receive an ARC for Protecting Her Heart.

This is a classic Chance story! This is the story of Emma (Mimi) and Luke. They have a long history together as childhood friends.  This story is fast paced, quick read with a touch of angst and hella hot naughty scenes.  I like Chance’s stories, they are like a light, refreshing palate cleanser for the brain. When you have had a crappy day or when you had to drag though a book you thought would never end, Chance’s books are my go to for a quick pick me up!  Can’t wait to catch up with more of his stories!

You can see his website here:  Chance Carter’s Webpage

Review of Imperfect by April Wilson

April Wilson


Now that I have a bit of a lull in my ARC reading I wanted to jump into my TBR list and I knew I wanted to catch up with the characters in April Wilson’s McIntyre Security Bodyguard Series. This is the 5th book in the series and this story revolves around Jamie McIntyre and Molly.  I liked how the title reflects how both main characters have their own personal imperfections, even though these imperfections are physical, Jamie and Molly really internalize them.  April makes you really feel for the characters and I love the determination of Jamie to make Molly see to him she is perfect. I liked the danger aspect to the story, it really keeps you reading. Some stories I stop at the beginning of a chapter to deal with real life or to go to sleep.  With this story, I couldn’t put it down and my family lived with leftovers for dinner….they still love me though. I loved how April also included past characters into this story and was able to keep the timeline in check, no jumping around or confusing, it was perfect.

I can’t wait for the next books in this series to come out.

The Bachelor Contract – Rachel Van Dyken

This book is the third in The Bachelors of Arizona series….and just wow! Rachel never fails to let a reader down with her work!

I found and read my first book by Rachel, The Matchmakers Playbook, from a recommendation on one of the many, many readers groups I am in and I fell in love. Que the stalking after reading, all the usual haunts like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  Also, fun fact, The Matchmakers Playbook is currently in movie production mode over at Passionflix, so many good movies on there! But I digress…on to the current book I read.

This second chance love story between Brant, who we briefly met in the previous books of the series, and Nikki was so moving, the past hurts and heartbreak you read and feel for these two was epic. The dialogue between the secondary characters was hysterical and laugh out loud funny! Especially the whole “Zen Program”. I am hoping for a spin-off for some of the characters we met in this book. Such a well written story, thank you for your words!

I love romantic comedies, in books, movies and life.  Rachel is becoming the perfect trifecta of my world!

To see more from this outstanding and really cool author, check out her webpage – Rachel Van Dyken Webpage


Behind the Bars by Brittainy Cherry – Review

Book One in the Music Street Series

– To every soul who has lost themselves. May your favorite lyrics lead you home.

Oh my soul…this book. I fell in love with Ms. Cherry’s work when I saw the cover of The Air He Breathes. That cover with Franggy Yanez, yummy! When I opened the book on my Kindle, I was sucked in and have been reading every word she has put out since!

Behind the Bars – this title means so much in this story, literally and figuratively. The dedication above just moved me.  You are introduced to two old souls in Elliott and Jasmine, young in age, but so emotionally mature.  You are going to need tissues when you read this, you will cry tears of joy, tears of pain and tears of love with this book.  The comedic interaction with Jason and Elliott made me laugh out loud (got a few “Mom’s crazy” looks from my kiddos and dear husband) while reading, but I just ignored them. You will feel the whole gamut of emotions with this book.  It’s so romantical! The friendship and love between Elliott and Jasmine is just phenomenal.  Yes, there is sexy times, but the build up to that point is so much more! I can’t say more without giving too much away, but if you never believe anything else I say or write, believe this…..

GET THIS BOOK, READ IT, LET IT FLOW OVER YOU LIKE SMOOTH JAZZ….. you will thank me later! I promise!

To see more of her work check out her web page – Brittainy Cherry’s Facebook Page

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This high note of a book releases December 7 – Add it to your reminders, calendar, whatever you have to so you don’t forget!!