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IN YOU series
Author: Cassandra Night
Genre: Emotional Woman’s Fiction
Date of Publication: November 7th, 2018
Number of pages: 237 pages
Word Count: 68,026
Cover Artist: Danielle Dickson @Vixen Designs
Tagline: Sometimes the only way out is through


How do you begin to live when an unbearable tragedy only allows you to exist?

You become me.

A construct of perfect lines and shields built to protect the heart, allowing only short gasps of air and small rays of sunlight, to endure the pain.

My life was left in ruins when I lost everyone I loved. I forfeited everything I once was to keep their memories protected from everyone else. To survive, I pushed it down, kept it locked away, desperate to forget the truth.

Then he showed up, willing and daring me to feel again, to raise me from the ashes of despair. It was a mistake to let myself believe I was ready, because now, through the fissures in my armor, she is trying to return and take it all back by force.
Eventually, all secrets are bound to unravel revealing terrible things about the past. Can I, survive the gale of sorrow, after I let them in again?


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Tangled IN YOU teaser EXCERPT:

I feel a twinge of guilt as I kiss little Ethan goodbye. “Have a nice day, munchkin, listen to your dad.”

He embraces me, meshing his body tightly around me as I hold his small form, and then raises his arms for Daddy to pick him up. My heart sinks in my chest at Nate’s disheartened expression. “I’m not going, love. Have fun with your dad, all right?” I wink at him, trying to lighten up his mood, then kiss his cheek and squeeze his shoulders.

He nods his head, smiling sadly, then hops down the steps to the car without a single word. Sam straps Ethan in and gives me a kiss, but Nate ignores me, sulking in the back seat. I watch them as they drive away, and wave before heading back into the house.

Late in the evening, the bell buzzes, demanding my immediate attention, and I get a terrible feeling; a sense of foreboding churns in my guts. The ringing bell is a warning. Growing dread stirs my heart into skipping a beat and my stomach coils into a tight fist, but I refuse to acknowledge any of it. At least this way, I can pretend and hope.

Unwillingly, I walk towards the door, trying to shake the fear rapidly encasing my senses. My heart squeezes in warning, as if attempting to prevent unlocking the gates to the agony.

Before I reach the door, I stop for a minute to compose myself, as the bell sounds a second time. My legs start to shake and my anxious heart races in my throat. The air, saturated with sharp dread, presses on my shoulders. Warning tingles in my limbs, making them feel heavy. An erratic pulse thrums loudly in my ears, and I start to sway on my wobbly feet. Black spots begin to appear before my eyes.

Then I open the door. I know I shouldn’t, but somehow, I do. With a numb smile plastered on my face, I welcome the dark messengers.

I can’t hear their voices, the mind that floats with cold detachment refusing to understand. Cocooned from the truth, I am shrouded in the welcoming silence. Nothing can touch or break me. It makes me feel content to stay in here, and I don’t fight it.

“Sandra, can you hear me? Where have you been? Are you ok?”

From afar, I can hear them calling me, but I am unable to form any sort of reply. As they stand before me, trembling, they grip my hands, demanding for me to hear them out. My paper white-colored face is frozen in limbo, incapable of grasping what is happening. I watch people rushing towards my home, shouting, crying.

The message was grave.

Soul-shattering. Unraveling. Unmaking.

My eyes fill and overflow, pouring hot substance down my cheeks. Rivulets of the hot tears meet at my chin.

Burning. Freezing. Undoing.

The vision of my little boy, like a message from the other world, comes to me.

“Let’s go, Mummy…” The phantom voice of my child distracts me from the reality happening in front of my eyes. A small hand envelops mine. I look down, and Ethan is smiling at me, a peaceful reflection in his eyes.

“It is ok, Mummy. He won’t cry for long. I am waiting for him, you know? You should go home and rest.” Astounded by his calm and heartwarming smile, I know that he is right.

The vision fades and the overwhelming need to block the rushing world crashes into me. Willingly, I surrender to the nurturing darkness, afraid to accept the truth. This way, I can still pretend my family will come back home, that this is just a nightmare.

“They died in the car accident…” the policeman’s sympathetic voice tells me. I feel like screaming on the inside, thrashing, my soul bleeding, as I refuse to accept the reality. It doesn’t seem real to me.

But when it finally did, my family was horrified by the darkness, and my inability to cope with grief.

“We think you need professional help, Sandra. The hospital might give you a break from grief…” That was what my mother’s determined voice said before my family broke my trust.

I should never have let them see it­­­—my pain and my shattered soul. I had no time to hide. They subdued me and took away my freedom, locking me away in the mental hospital.

The fear remade me, agony imprisoned me. After that, I hid my pain from everyone. Darkness became my shelter. She became me.

But then I hear them. My children, calling me back. I will reunite us, Cassandra better let me.

“Nate! Ethan! Where are you?” I hear their giggles, and then screams mixing in unison. Their fear is shattering my heart. I can’t reach them, she is fighting me. I will have to force the memories into her heart.

“Mummy please, I am scared!”

Nate’s screams echo, calling me to save them, and I whimper. I abandoned them, but no more. We are coming back to reclaim our rightful place—the heart, where we should be.

Soon I’ll be free, and we will reunite. The terror, shame, and guilt will remake or break us. Everyone will see who we are. I belong to her, she belongs to me. We both are the same. I refuse to stay in the darkness. I will claim back my life, even if it kills us both in the process. I have nothing to lose, but she does.

You can taste my rage, Cassandra.

I can feel your fear. It’s choking you. You can be free, just give in.

Never! Enough!



Cassandra Night

Cassandra Night is a new author of unusual heart-breaking, soul healing stories full of hope and love.
She lives in England with her two sons and very patient husband, enjoying coffee mornings and books like chocolate desserts. Cassandra Night is an obsessive reader of romance, and since she found a new passion in writing, she loves to submerge herself in her own stories too.
She loves to write real, flawed characters that you can peel layer by layer until their souls are wide open. Cassandra writes realistic, gritty, and raw romance with all the feels.
If you are a lover of deeply emotional, flawed and realistic stories with lots of anguish and complex characters, her books are for you!

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My Review…

Wow!! What an introduction to a new and new to me author!

This story is going to put your heart through the wringer.

This is the story of Cassandra/Sandra and Logan.

Cassandra/Sandra is the same but totally different person.  Sandra has been through one of the most horrific things a person can go through.  She is barely able to function and because of some poor yet drastic measures by her family, she has tried to become a different person, Cassandra.  Cassandra is a “normal” as she can make herself.  But at what cost?

Logan is the epitome of an alpha male.  Swagger, confidence and goes after what he wants with gusto.  He sees Cassandra and wants all of her, broken pieces and all.

This debut novel is going to grab you and hold on to your senses till the very end!  The ending is going to make you shake your fists a bit, but the author promises to calm you down soon.

Bravo and well done with your first novel Ms. Night! I look forward to reading the conclusion on this duet!

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