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Motorcycles, drugs, sex, parties, dancing, and more sex!

Scott Hildreth’s newest MC Romance, RENO, is LIVE and ready for you to enjoy.


A psychotic kidnapper with a gun. A blindfolded ride to a ruthless drug dealer’s compound. Torture. A slow death. These were the things that were waiting for me in the parking lot while I worked the evening shift of what was sure to be my last day on earth.

Then, he came in for dinner.

He had a loud Harley-Davidson, a dry sense of humor, a contagious laugh, and seven friends.

All he wanted was an enchilada dinner.

But. He was my only hope.

So, I handed him his meal, gestured to the parking lot, and told him my story.

As he sauntered toward the parking lot no differently than he would have walked into a bar, I wondered just who this man could be.

Finding the answer to that question wasn’t as easy as a person might think.

But it was the best ride of my life.

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My Review…


So much goodness and utter “Hildrethness” in this story!

Reno, member of the the Devils Disciples, finally gets his story!

There is so much to this story I don’t know where to begin. First I have to applaud Scott’s sensitivity and tact when it comes to military veterans. Especially combat veterans. I am married to a combat vet so I have first hand knowledge of PTSD and the challenges that face veterans when they come home from war.

I also admire how Scott is able to tackle real world issues in a way that you can see both sides of the issue. It is a fine line to balance and Scott does so, beautifully.

The humor in this story is fantastic! I loved reading about past characters from his books! It was like a mini biker reunion and we were all invited!

And lets not forget the love story between Reno and Carma! It’s edgy, it’s sweet and I love how Scott writes his heroines to be just as badass as his heroes!

You cannot go wrong with a Scott Hildreth story! I fell in love hard with Reno. You will too!


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