Squeee! So excited, so I’m gonna ramble a bit….

So this weekend is my first ever author event! When I started this blog, I was hoping that I would get the courage to travel to a few of these! And I AM!!

I am scheduled for three this year:

Twin Cities Author Event – This weekend!! So, so excited! I will be posting to my Instagram with all my favorite authors and new friends I hope to meet!

Renaissance City Author Event – October 6th, I am hoping to meet my one of my all time favorite authors there!!

Love N Vegas – The weekend of October 26…this is the cremé del a cremé of author events! I am actually volunteering for this one and it’s gonna be EPIC!

That’s all for now…I have to go finish packing for this weekend….did I pack enough pens for autographs? Did I pack enough business cards for my blog? (This is gonna be a great networking opportunity!) I hope to remember to pack clothes!  Just kidding, I did that first!



Memorial Day…

All Gave Some, Some Gave All…

I am a proud Army veteran and married to my combat Army veteran. Like most veterans, Memorial Day is a tough day for us. People tend to confuse Veterans Day, with Memorial Day. I am not gonna lie, my husband and I both cringe a bit when we get thanked on Memorial Day and here is why….

Veterans Day is a time to celebrate veterans, this is the time to “Thank a Vet”.

Memorial Day is a day to reflect on service men and women that have given the ultimate sacrifice to our country. This is not a day to thank a vet, this is a day to reflect on the above saying. This is a day to go to your local cemetery or national cemetery and take a minute to think of the families that were left behind. To think of what they sacrificed to give us the freedoms that we hold dearly.

Take time today, when you are with your families and enjoying the unofficial start of summer, to appreciate the land of the free, because of the brave.

Wait until November 11 to thank a veteran, to shake a hand, to visit a VA hospital or nursing home.

I will get off my soap box now…embrace your loved ones today. I hug my husband and kiddos a little tighter today….

This made my day! Thank you is just not enough!

When I started this blog, I did it purely for the joy of promoting my love of reading and my love of authors! So when I receive a gift from an author as a thank you, well that’s just the cherry on top of my sundae!

So imagine my surprise when I received this today!

After a crazy week, including surgery, this made my day!

Thank you Susana Mohel!