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Well I know this is really late! I mean it’s been almost a month since I got back from Grapevine, Texas and survived Book Bonanza 2019!

First off, this was by far the largest book/author convention I have been to.  It was so well orchestrated and organized!  The Bookworm Box and all the volunteers did an amazing job!  The venue for this was epic! The Gaylord Hotel and Convention Center was a true Texas experience!

Now I have to tell you, this was sooooo overwhelming to me, this was my first year going, and I have been to other book/author events so I thought “No problem, I am organized, I have my list of authors”. Boy the first day just blew my planning out of the water….that first day I was like a fish out of water…I swear I was wandering around aimlessly for the first hour just trying to get my bearings….but found them I did!!

BB Day One

Day One….

This was the first “full day” of signing when I was the most lost!  But after pulling myself up by my bootstraps I got on the ball and met some fantastic authors!

From top left….

R.C. Boldt – This fantastic author actually recognized my blog! (as you can see I shamelessly pimp out my blog with my apparel!) She came up to me and was just amazingly sweet and so, so kind!!

L.B. Dunbar – This lovely lady!! I am sure she probably thinks I am a certified stalker by now! I have seen and talked to her at at least 3 different signings…(the first one doesn’t count because it was my first and I was a hot mess…couldn’t say ANYTHING to any author…) She writes books that are amazing and her latest trope is “Over 40 Romance” for gals like me! (I actually gave her a crown dubbing her the queen of over 40 romance!)

Avery Flynn – Love, love, love her stories!  She was so gracious and I was blessed to have met her!

Stylo Fatome – She is a new to me author and I fell in love with her work hard!! I totally made an ass outta myself by mistaking her assistant as her! I apologized and Ms. Fatome was still willing to take a photo with me! Thank you!!

Melanie Harlow – Holy hell this woman is beautiful! You know when you see the author photo’s on book covers and their “official” photos and think there is no way they look that good all the time? Well I can tell you that Ms. Harlow is gorgeous! I love her work and she is amazing!!

Middle row…

Willow Winters – Now Ms. Winters was not there as an author but as a vendor! She was selling her lovely Book Lover’s boxes, but I couldn’t waste the opportunity to see her and hug her!! I am a part of her street team and I just had to love on her!

Bottom row…

Lauren Rowe – Another poor author who must think I am stalking her! I have seen her at least twice and will be seeing her again in Vegas!  She gives the best hugs and I just didn’t want to let go!!

Dylan Allen – She was one of my must see authors at this signing!  I love the fact that she recognized me (even before the signing, we ran into each other in the hallway of the convention center) and she gives AMAZING hugs!! If you ever get the chance…do it! Love her work and love her…enough said!

BB Day Two

Day Two

Top row…left to right…

Ilsa Madden-Mills – Another unicorn author for me! She was one of the first authors to quote my reviews in her newsletter (talk about a fangirl moment!) She was lovely and just wow!

Amy Daws – New to me author, I haven’t read her YET…my TBR list is forever long, but I follow her on IG and she is hilarious! She is just as funny in person as she is online! Got a good laugh!

Kendall Ryan – What an amazing person! I am lucky enough to work with her on her new stories and I love her writing! Fangirl moment for sure!

Aly Martinez – Well this tall drink of water was beautiful both inside and out! Her books are amazing and she was one of my must see authors!

Lisa Renee Jones – Another must see author for me! I love the intrigue and mystery in her stories and she was absolutely gracious!!

Karina Halle – Unicorn author alert! This lady’s stories are amazing and I was so looking forward to meeting her!

Middle row…

Kate Stewart – Another absolute must see author for me! The poor volunteer working her line got to know me really well (I was pacing back and forth until my number was up!) Ms. Stewart is amazing, her writing has moved me like no other! I even got a little misty when I was talking to her! She was amazing! And her selfie game is on fire!

JD Hollyfield – Another fab author that I have met a few times.  Every time seeing her is just a delight! Her books are fantastic!

Bottom row…

Daisy Prescott – A new to me author, I can’t wait to dig into her story for Smartypants Romance!! She was so nice!!

April Wilson – Another new to me author that I am going to start following! I can’t wait to read her story of Smartypants! She too is a tall drink of water and her history is amazing!

T.M. Frazier – Last but certainly not least!! Huge fangirl moment! And her husband was the sticker ninja! LOL! She is beautiful both inside and out! The reader in front of me gave her a cute pair of bowtie earrings and right then and there Ms. Frazier put them on and was so gracious!


I got to “meet” more of my book friends, the peeps I meet and talk to on social media, to finally sit down for dinner with them, have drinks and talk…well I have no words to express my happiness!

So while overwhelming, this trip to Book Bonanza was absolutely amazing!! Such a great event and after all said and done they raised over $80,000 for charity!! If you ever get the chance to go to this event, DO IT! I am so glad I did!


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