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 Release Date: September 20  

I want her more than my next breath, but she can never be mine.

A year ago, I met her the first time. The fair-haired beauty at the flower shop. The mysterious woman that watched me from the window and sparked my artistic muse. I didn’t learn her name then, but she was always there. In the periphery. Until I had to say goodbye.
Out with a friend a year later, I spot her in the crowd and can’t take my eyes off her. Though I should stay away from her, I find every possible way to see her. To spend time with her.
I shouldn’t want Shelly Reed. Shouldn’t lead her to believe we will ever be more than friends. The more I push her away, the more she lures me in. With her radiant smile and affectionate heart, Shelly gives me new life, purpose, and captures my soul.
I should let her go, but am too selfish to do so. I need her. More than my next breath.


Meet Persephone Autumn 

Persephone lives in sunny Florida with her wife, crazy dog, and two lover-boy cats, and she’s never far from her daughter or grandpup. 
She’s an avid lover of ethnic food, especially Asian, and has fun discovering ways to veganize her favorite non-vegan foods. 
If given the option, she would get lost in nature on purpose. 

For several years, she’s always done some form of writing. After pairing her poetry with images and posting them on social media, she received peer praise and started her novel writing journey.

Although her core style is romance, Persephone dips her toes in other genres from time to time. All stories deserve for their voice to be heard and she plans to write where the characters lead her.

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My Review...

This first book of her newest Artist Duet will have you hooked from the start.

This is the beginning of the story of Shelly and Devlyn. An artist and his muse.

I love the reverse age gap story! It’s refreshing to see. 

Shelly is quiet and empathic; she is waiting for her right one, her soul mate, and seeing all of her friends getting their happily ever afters is discouraging, but she loves them and wants nothing but their happiness. But what of her own?

Enter Devlyn, a young artist with an old soul. When he sees Shelly, he cannot un-see her. But scars from his past refuse to let him truly be more for Shelly or himself. 

A burgeoning friendship develops between Shelly and Devlyn. Then it’s lovely to see how it blooms into more.

This story is rich with description. Feelings and art and the bleeding of souls are written in such a beautiful and vivid way.

This story ends with a cliffhanger you won’t see coming! I can’t wait to see what the second story brings!

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