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SWOON: A Brother’s Best Friend Standalone Romance

by Lauren Rowe

Release Date: November 1st






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Growing up, I knew my older brother’s best friend thought of me as “Logan’s kid sister.” For me, though, our next-door neighbor, Colin, felt like anything but a sibling. Whenever I spied on him through my bedroom window, as he banged away, shirtless, on his drum kit, I felt sensations inside me I’d never felt for my actual brother. But when we moved away and Colin’s band took off like a rocket, I knew my tweener fantasies would never become a reality.⁣

Fast-forward nine years to my brother’s wedding, when I saw Colin again and we shared a secret, drunken kiss that rocked my world. The next morning, Colin blamed the alcohol. Said we should pretend the kiss, and my unfortunate text afterward, never happened. ⁣

Now that I’m heading to LA to work for Colin and crash at his place, though, all bets are off. I’m determined to make Colin swoon for me, the same way I’ve always done for him. Because no matter what he insisted, Colin’s body during our kiss, and the shocking thing he whispered into my ear right afterward, made it clear he doesn’t really think of me as his little sister, any more than I do.

About the Author:

Lauren Rowe is the USA Today and international #1 best-selling author of the Reed

Rivers Trilogy, Smitten, The Morgan Brothers, The Club Trilogy, select Misadventures,

and more.


Lauren’s books are full of feels, humor, heat, and heart. Besides writing novels, Lauren

sings in a party/wedding band in her hometown of San Diego, is an audio book narrator,

and award-winning songwriter, which is why she’s able to bring original music to some

of her rockstar-themed books. She is thrilled to connect with readers all over the world.


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My Review...

The title to this story is an absolute spot-on description of this newest story from Lauren Rowe!

This is the swoony story of Colin and Amy.

If you have read any of Ms. Rowe’s books, you will know that Colin is the drummer for 22 Goats. This is his story!

Amy has known Colin her whole life, she has been a “creeper” of Colin since before she knew what swooning was all about. When she moves away and time and distance separate them, she doesn’t lose that feeling. I love her quirkiness, her demand for honesty and to be real and her inner dialogue! It’s epic.

Colin gets gobsmacked when he sees Amy again after years apart. He fights like hell to keep Amy at arm’s length. Miscommunication and misjudgments steer his way of thinking in his feelings towards her and it was brilliant to see when he finally sees the forest through the trees!

Every time I pick up a new novel by Ms. Rowe, I am floored by her writing talent and to add the musical element to this read is extraordinary! I can’t wait to relisten to all the newest tracks from River Records! Well done!

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