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I’ve become a Vegas cliché.

Woke up next to a strange man? Check.
Wicked hangover? Check.
Small boulder of a diamond on my left ring finger? Also, check.

I’ve never been known for my excellence in decision making. However, this one decision may take the cake. I’ve somehow ended up married to Everett Brown, the world-renowned woodworker notorious for being a reclusive grump. That reclusive grump is also tall, dark, and handsome as hell.

After Everett’s agent calls congratulating him on his nuptials and talking about how amazing it will look for the upcoming media showcase on him, I realize we need to stay married and live together. At least for the next few weeks anyways. Now I have to continue running the family hardware store while also playing the role of blissful newlywed. I’ve never been married before, but I’ve got this. Marriage can’t be that hard—right?

Book #2 in the Lilac Harbor Series of Standalones
Cover by the amazing Kari March Designs


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My Review…

Lilac Harbor Series

I am loving this series and as a reader, you can see the confidence that Ms. Graham has grown with each new story she writes.

This is the story of Mac and Everett and what a funny, steamy, and fabulously quirky story it is!

Mackenzie is such a quirky gal and I absolutely loved this character! She is bold, brash, and funny as all get out! She is a tempest in a teacup and I loved how she brought color and chaos into Everett’s world.

Everett is such an old soul! I loved his grumbly, hermit type attitude and I loved reading how Mac was able to bring the real Everett to the surface.  He really shows his alpha side and I loved how patient he was and how he knew what Mac needed, even before she did!

I am becoming a superfan of this new author and I cannot wait to see what comes next from her!!

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