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Vince: A Marine Romance

Anchor Me book 2

Lisa Carlisle

She has a rule. He has two problems. But can one night lead to forever?

Emma: After my divorce, I was a hot mess. After catering a wedding, I ended up escaping reality for one night with a hot Marine.

Six months later, I discover the Staff Sergeant I’d been emailing for a work project is the same Marine from the wedding. And we’ll be working together over the next couple of weeks.


Vince in real life is even more irresistible than the sexy stranger at the wedding.

Too bad it won’t work. I have a rule: Don’t date men in the military. For good reason. Actually, two very big ones.

But maybe my fling with a Marine can turn into friends with benefits this second time around?

Vince: After a few weeks of training, I’ll be on leave–finally home in Newport for the holidays.

When I discover that I’ll be spending time with Emma, the caterer from my brother’s wedding, I’m intrigued by the diversion. The one thing I can’t resist is a puzzle and her behavior puzzles me.

Someone breaks into her apartment, and my interest grows into more than just a game. I want to protect her. I need to make sure she’s safe.

A challenge because:
1) I’m only around for the holidays.

2) She wants nothing to do with the military.

Is there any way we can make something work without it blowing up, leaving us both as casualties in the explosion?



If you like second-chance romances spiced with steam and suspense, read the Anchor Me series by USA Today bestselling author Lisa Carlisle. Navy SEALs, Marines, and hometown heroes — each who encounters his most complicated mission yet when a woman from his past challenges his plans for his future.

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My Review…

Anchor Me Series

As a veteran and a military wife for 18 years, this book really resonated with me.

This is the story of Vince and Emma.

Emma, like me, was a veteran and a military wife.  Unfortunately, her marriage was not a good one.  Her first marriage was a very real downside of many military marriages.  It has left her with some understandably huge trust issues and her mantra of never dating a military man again.

Vince is the middle brother of the DeMarchis family.  He is a career Marine.  His job working with explosives, and losing members of his team has made him not want any type of long term, meaningful relationships.

Emma and Vince have an explosively steamy one night stand, and Emma runs after the fact.  Fast forward six months later and they are both in each other’s orbit again.  The attraction flies and the more they spend time together, the more their relationship grows beyond the physical.

I could empathize with both Emma and Vince.  Ms. Carlise is able to accurately tell a believable story.  Feelings are relatable and real and that’s coming from someone who has experiences like both of her characters!

Can’t wait to read Matty’s story next!


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