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Mr. Santillian,

Despite the fact I’m currently living out of your guest room and sleeping with you most nights, I am writing to announce my resignation effective two weeks from today.

In other words, I’ll locate someone who is both obscenely overqualified and willing to devote their days to the handful of tasks you are able to wrench from your perfectionist, micromanaging grip. It may be difficult to find a Nobel laureate genius looking for basic filing work on such short notice, but I’ll do my best.

Don’t worry about your sister’s wedding this weekend. I still plan to attend as your date, assuming you’ve finished hating me by then.

Thank you in advance for your understanding.


Ms. Besh,

Resignation not accepted.

I’ll see you at home.


BOSS IN THE BEDSHEETS is a full-length steamy contemporary romance standalone.


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My Review…


From pocket eggs to smartwatches, you get all the quirkiness, smarts, heart and heat from this new story from Ms. Canterbary.

This is the story of Ash and Zelda.Β  If you are a fangirl like I am, you know Ash from other stories in Ms. Canterbary’s world.

Ash is the straightlaced triplet, always feeling the need for control.Β  His tyrannical tendencies are thrown to the wayside when he meets the whirlwind that is Zelda.

Zelda is finding herself, after a devastating past and an abusive ex, she runs away to spread her wings and put the pieces of her mismatched parachute away.

As always with Ms. Canterbary, you get whip-smart dialogue that doesn’t talk down to the reader.Β  She creates a world and characters that you want so badly to be real.Β  Her stories teach me something every time I read them.Β  From archeology to accounting, and from embracing the messiness that is life and to the realness of loving someone for who they truly are and not trying to fit yourself or someone else into a shape that you think you should be. That’s what this story is all about.Β  I couldn’t put it down until the end and then I wanted to pick it back up and read it again!



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