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PARENTMOON, by USA Today bestselling author LB Dunbar, is Available Now! This is a sexy silver fox standalone with one bed, shower shenanigans, and a romantic atmosphere thatโ€™s a little too tempting for this single mom in need of a vacation.ย 

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What to expect:

โœ”๏ธSexy single dad

โœ”๏ธOne bed

โœ”๏ธHoliday getaway

โœ”๏ธOpposites attract



When the divorced mother of the groom goes head-to-head with the single father of the bride, they might be the next couple experiencing a heart-to-heart.

When my son asked me to take his ticket for the honeymoon that didnโ€™t happen, I balked. What would I do on a ten-day vacation in Belize?ย 

More importantly, what caused my son and the love of his life to call off their wedding?

I didnโ€™t have an answer, and he wasnโ€™t sharing

So, Iโ€™d traded places with him.

Over a week of sunshine and me-time was on the docket until he arrived.

Dallas Cole had silver in his beard, eyes the color of an ocean, and the most annoying drawl. And by annoying, I mean, thigh-clenching, heart-hammering, make me want to kiss him swagger.

Only, thatโ€™s something I would never do, because heโ€™s the single father of the bride for the wedding that never was, and now, heโ€™s encroaching on my parentmoon.ย 

One house. One bed. Not happening.

So what if he calls me darlinโ€™ in that swoony voice. Not going there despite his smirky grin amongst the gray on his jaw. Not going to think about the fact he saw me naked . . . by accident.


The former father of the bride will only be going head-to-head with this protective mother of the groom, not lips to lips, or any other body part. And definitely not heart-to-heart.

Tropes: sexy silver fox; later-in-life; genXromance; one-bed; forced proximity; holiday destination; single dad; single mom; he falls first

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L.B. Dunbar loves sexy silver foxes, second chances, and small towns. If you enjoy older characters in your romance reads, including a hero with a little silver in his scruff and a heroine rediscovering her worth, then welcome to romance for those over 40. L.B. Dunbarโ€™s signature works include women and men in their prime taking another turn at love and happily ever. Sheโ€™s a USA TODAY Bestselling Author, as well as an Amazon Top 10 Later in Life Romance with her Lakeside Cottage and Road Trips & Romance series. L.B. lives in Chicago with her own sexy silver fox.


To get all the scoop about the self-proclaimed queen of silver fox romance, join her on Facebook at Loving L.B. or receive her monthly newsletter, Love Notes.



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My Review...

You are gonna melt with swoons aplenty in this new story from the queen of over 40 romance!

Parentmoon is a story that grabbed me and took my emotions on a wild ride, and I floved it!

This is the story of Dallas and Jo and the whirlwind of planning their children’s wedding. 

Set in the beautiful country of Belize, Ms. Dunbar is able to capture the beautiful beaches, the tropical climate, and the heat that blazes between Dallas and Jo.

From miscommunication and a bit of judgment on the part of Jo, to the swagger and charm of Dallas, you get a relationship that starts off a bit rocky. 

I could so empathize with Jo and her relationship with her son, I could so see myself and my grown son and how they navigated the mother/son relationship.

I fell even harder for Dallas when I read about his relationship with his daughter. 

I can’t give enough stars, flames, and kudos for this newest book. If you are looking for a more vintage couple with a more real approach to life and love, get your hands on this!

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