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Love You More by Julia Kent is available now!
“Hilarious, heartfelt, smexy and satisfying, this is one of my favorite reads this year and one you won’t want to miss!” – Book Addict
“This small-town romcom is full of all the laughs and feelings you could possibly want” – Amazon reviewer
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Can Moore and Colleen overcome all the obstacles holding them back from a love that’s been in front of their faces all this time?
If you’re looking for a story featuring two star-crossed lovers doomed by unfair reputations, featuring a smooth-talking single dad who runs a jewelry store and his best friend’s sister, set in a small town in New England, with a calico cat named Sandwich, a heroine with a dry wit and a can-do attitude, and a hero who just wants a good relationship with his estranged child and the chance to find permanent love…then this is your book.
✓One-night stand
✓Forced proximity
✓Best friend’s sister
✓Single dad
… and a calico cat named Sandwich
Love You Wrong
Love You Right
Love You Again
Love You Now

My Review...

Can I tell you how much I love the town of Luview, Maine? I love it more than some of my relatives (hee hee)! Every time I open up a book by Ms. Kent, I get to travel back! 

This is the story of Colleen Luview and Moore. They have known each other since childhood. They have hidden their feelings for each other almost too well, to the point where they are both scared to bare their hearts to each other.

Significant things happen that throw Colleen and Moore into a life-changing situation. 

My heart ached for the ways that Moore was being pulled in his life, how he had to prioritize his world, even when he didn’t feel right about it.

My heart broke for Colleen as she, too, was being pulled and with the “curse” that floated around her.

I was rooting hard for both Colleen and Moore while they navigated their relationship and their situation. 

But then comes the humor! Ms. Kent has an amazing way of making the reader laugh, cry and invest themselves in the story.

If you want a phenomenal series to read, do yourself a favor and pick up this story! 

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