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I hate Christmas.
I don’t know who thought every female must love shopping, wrapping, baking and hosting but I missed the memo. On top of that, I manage an upscale department store. Sprinkle in the fact I’ll be turning forty during this holiday season, and my life is a Christmas cookie recipe gone wrong.
And every year I become a little more Scrooge-ish. 
But the spirit of the most wonderful time of the year <insert sarcasm> seems to have a plan for me and my midlife-crisis attitude.
First, my past returns when I attend a high school reunion happy hour and run into that boy—the one I had a summer fling before I left for college, then promptly ghosted me.
The torture continues because that boy is now a man, worldly and wise and sexier than I remember. And he invites me to attend a holiday work party with him.
That’s where I learn this forty, fine, former NFL quarterback, now fireman has a new role: single father to the sweetest little girl, putting me at risk of falling for both of them. 
However, I have my reasons not to believe in love and the happiest time of the year. And the first twenty-five days of December tests all my strength.
Just what the Dickens is happening? Charles himself might approve of this plot.
Even I’m a little curious to see how it all plays out.
+ + +
What to expect:
❃ prickly heroine
❃ cinnamon roll, single dad hero
❃ the spirit of Christmas
❃ reunited lovers second chance
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Coming in audiobook, too.
With Teddy Hamilton and Stella Hunter

My Review...

Like the perfect Christmas cookie, this story is delicious and will warm your soul.

This story of Eva and Zebb, a long lost love affair that comes back brighter than the Christmas star.

I melt when I see vintage characters get the love and smexy times that they deserve!

This story was sweet, steamy, and full of swoons. I fell in love with all the characters in this story, and my only wish was that it was longer!

If you are looking for a perfect holiday novella, look no further than this story, written by the Queen of Over 40 romance!

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