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What I wanted was for someone to teach me to be a better lover. I needed someone I trusted with my body without the fear of falling in love and someone who wasn’t looking for anything more than sex. And I needed a man who knew how to use his body.

That was where Cade Nichols came in. He was my older brother’s best friend and anti-commitment. And my brother just challenged him to sleep with only one woman for two months. So, I offered to help Cade win that bet. As long as he helped me learn my way around a cock.

What I didn’t bet on was life not going as planned.

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ABSTRACT PASSION by Persephone Autumn

RELEASES: October 25th

Meet Persephone Autumn!

Persephone lives in sunny Florida with her wife, crazy dog, and two lover-boy cats, and she’s never far from her daughter or grandpup. She’s an avid lover of ethnic food, especially Asian, and has fun discovering ways to veganize her favorite non-vegan foods. If given the option, she would get lost in nature on purpose.

For several years, she’s always done some form of writing. After pairing her poetry with images and posting them on social media, she received peer praise and started her novel writing journey.

Although her core style is romance, Persephone dips her toes in other genres from time to time. All stories deserve for their voice to be heard and she plans to write where the characters lead her.

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My Review...

The second book of the artist duet is a beautiful, colorful finale.

The continuing story of Devlyn and Shelly is so beautifully written you can feel the love falling from the pages. You can “see” the colors in their world. 

These characters, especially Devlyn, are so complex and rich that it makes the reader really become one with him and, by association, Shelly. Devlyn’s path to self-forgiveness and self-discovery was powerful, and it was fulfilling to see. I was rooting for Devlyn’s success. 

Shelly is a beautiful soul; I could understand some of her hesitations. Her love for Devlyn was everything he needed, and in turn, Devlyn’s love for Shelly is what dreams are made of.

The relationship between Shelly and Devlyn is passionate and possessive. The chemistry is exactly what the other needs. To read how their love blooms and becomes even richer is poignant. 

Ms. Autumn has the ability to take the reader into the world she creates and makes the reader really become invested in her characters, and I found myself cheering them on to their happily ever after.

I wish I could see the artwork that Devlyn creates. 

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