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My Review...

The Willow Creek Series

Oh how I was waiting for this next story in this series!  The story of Stella and Jack.

Their past is long and rocky, it’s heartbreaking and yet moving. 

Reading the tension and longing between the two of them was so excruciatingly good that the angst in this story was beautifully done.

Stella is the heart of the Parkerson siblings, she is the glue that holds them together. She hates the secrets she hides from them.

Jack is an honorary member of the Parkerson family. Grayson’s lifelong best friend. The secrets he holds close terrify his standing with the family.

This story is going to grab you by your heartstrings from the beginning and not let you go until the very end. There is a secondary story in here that has me riveted as well! I admire how the siblings stand up to the patriarch. I applaud how they have decided on how their future will be and to cut out the tyrant in their midst.

Finally, what a fabulous lead-up to her next story in this series! Oh Josh and Delia, what a glorious story in the making!

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