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About the Book

Ben said he loved me, lusted after me, and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. From the very beginning I was honest with him about my complicated life. He promised me the only thing that mattered was our love. I thought the future was set until…

“Evie, I can’t do us anymore.”

The day Ben walked away was the day my love life went on permanent hiatus. Men were a distraction that I didn’t want or need until…

Tall, dark, and handsome ex-pro-football player, Butler Thompson, entered the picture and interrupted my heart.


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My Review...

This story, oh my me, this story is one of the best I have read this year! This is the poignant story of Evie and Butler.  This is a romance, sure, but it is also…So. Much. More.

This is the story about the unsung heroes in our midst. Caregivers. This story is a beautifully written story that focuses on what caregivers go through. This really touched my soul. I too am a caregiver, not to the extent of Evie in the story but I could so see myself in some of the pages, what Evie goes through.

I could understand Evie’s hesitance, her vulnerabilities, and her loneliness. I could understand her need to handle everything on her own and I applauded when she finally realized she needed help.  It didn’t make her weaker or less than, it made her stronger

And then let me not forget a huge player in this story, Butler. His patience, his caring and his downright swooniness was inspirational!

Evie’s circle of trust is small, her past has made it so and to see Butler slowly work his way in was beautiful to read. I enjoyed the witty banter between the two of them and their chemistry was magical! 

The flow of this story was perfect and I absolutely loved the flashbacks, it really showed the love between mother and daughter.  

This is story is definitely going in the running for my “Best Reads of 2021” well done Ms. Bailey, it was well worth the wait!

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