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The night I enter The Sophisticate, I never intend to leave. Especially after she graces the stage and hypnotizes the crowd. Hypnotizes me.

Rules are rules. And the rules say look but don’t touch. I won’t defy, but it doesn’t mean I won’t toe the line.

That is until I meet Tami. Her fire and determination make me question every principle I have in place.



When I join a new gym, the last thing I expect is to drool over the instructor. But I do.

Max may be temptation and sin in a beautiful package, but I don’t date. My number one hard and fast rule.

They say rules are meant to be broken. And who knows, maybe they’re right. I may not break the rules. But what happens if they bend?


Bent rules create fractures.

Fractures lead to cracks.

And cracks split a heart in two.


**Sweet Tooth contains content that may trigger some readers.


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My Review...

This new story by Ms. Autumn is going to keep you intrigued until the very end!

This is the story of Max and Tami. An instant attraction and a double life revealed.

I really admired Tami, she is unapologetic about her life and what she does is what she loves. She is very good at what she does and it fulfills her. She has had a rocky relationship past, which is unfortunate but a very realistic probability. So she is very leery of her feelings for Max. She has a lot to lose.

Max is the quintessential bachelor. He is not into relationships, can be a bit of a douche at times.  When he first meets Tami, he doesn’t know how to explain the new feelings that run through him and he goes about working through them sometimes the wrong way.

There is such fiery chemistry between these two (or is it three?) that it burns up the pages. I was also surprised and intrigued by the bit of a twist and the thriller aspect and the almost destruction of one of the characters! It kept me invested in this story until the very end!

I really enjoyed this story and you will too!

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