Fangirling Hard and No I Am Not An Alcoholic….

Hello all,

Yes I made it home safely!! I hope you all had a chance to keep up with my IG, Facebook and Twitter posts over the weekend. I was posting photos like crazy!! But I just want you all to know, the drinks were good, they sure were pretty and I couldn’t help myself with posting photos of them all!!

I am going to add a few of my absolute favorite photos of my weekend here….



What I first got in line, image my surprise when I see the fabulous B. Cranford attending as a reader! (It’s like the US magazine segment…Stars, They’re Just Like Us! moment) I about tripped over my own feet to say hi and introduce myself! I may have scared her when the weekend went on with my forcefulness in asking questions…I am such a dork and was just so excited I couldn’t help myself! She was gracious and I floved her accent!!


My main reason for traveling to this author event was to meet this fabulous woman! Kate Canterbary….by the time it was my turn to say hello and try not to pass out from my excitement, I was sweating like a pig in fleece and I had to warn her before I hugged her! She was an absolute doll and before the weekend was over I got to talk to her a few more times and get a little story about a couple we saw at the get together that us “Canterbarians” had with her.  The way she comes up with scenarios on the fly is what makes her such an amazing story teller!


A new to me author Jeannine Colette! She was beautiful and so gracious! I will be reading more from her!


Gahhhh! Meghan Quinn!! She was another one of my had to meet on my list! In my excitement to come to this event, I completely spaced my pre-order from her! She told me to come by her table later and if she had any extras she would gladly help me out! Boob squeezes were implied and hugs were aplenty! She was amazing!


Holy Hell it’s Julia Kent!! Need I say more?!? Another had to see author! I fell in love with her Shopping Series and been shamelessly stalking ever since! She graciously gave me a signed copy of one of her books for a giveaway I am going to have coming up soon! An absolutely lovely human being and so honored to have met her!


A funny story on how I met this new to me author  Sara Ney

There I am at the Providence airport, waiting with a fellow reader, Karen, for a ride to our hotel.  Another reader Amy, who is from Providence graciously volunteered to pick us up and bring us!  So we are waiting for our baggage when who do we see? Sara! And she too needs a ride!

I got to spend the drive to the airport in the back seat with Sara and Amy’s 8 year old daughter (who was an absolute doll).  Sara was hilariously funny when talking to the 8 year old! I laughed so hard and told myself I need to know more from her!

I will be stalking her shortly!!


An fabulous end to a fabulous event! A group of Pervy Girls (fans of Kate Canterbary) met for drinks at Rooftop at the G. Kate joined our rowdy crew and it was just the cherry on top of a weekend I will never forget!

Book friends are truly the best friends! I made amazing new friends, got to “meet” friends that I have talked to on FB and met some phenomenal authors….memories have been made!!




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