Ramblings….Wine weekend and prison tats…sheesh

Well followers, I got to ramble a bit….

So yesterday, there was a wine festival in the neighboring town. This is the second year that we have gone and we have soooo much fun.  Enjoying wine, laughing with friends and buying endearing yard art and other crafted items….this year my yard art will include swinging roosters…I will have to post a pic when I can get my hungover ass outside to put it up.

After the festival, we decided to do a little bar hopping…so we stop we go in….and here’s where my musing will happen.

As you can see from my blog logo, I have a neck tattoo….it’s something special to me and it’s says “Bibliophile”.  Now since I have gotten it, I have been asked repeatedly what it means and I happily explain the definition and proudly tell them it’s a badge of honor for me…now some people thought it meant something about bibles, and I say I have read that too.  And I have had a few idiots thinking it said pedophile, like I would brand my body with that…people see “….phile” and go dark fast.

So back to the bar with my girlfriends…I need a refill so I meander up to the bar to get fresh cocktail, Grey Goose, Sprite and lime. (Can’t go too exotic in a small town.) Now yesterday was hot, I mean hotter than five kinds of hell hot, sweating like a whore in church hot.  I wore my long hair up in a messy bun with a cute bandana so my neck was exposed for all to see.  Now, I am a 46 year old, slightly “fluffy” gal, and not to stereotype myself or anyone else, I am the LAST person you would expect to do hard time in a state or federal penitentiary.

I am waiting patiently at the bar (I really was!!) for my refill when a gentleman (I use the term sarcastically) asks me if I have been to prison.  At first I wasn’t sure if he was talking to me because I wasn’t looking or interacting with him at all.  So when I did look at him and said “Excuse me?” I realized he was talking to me.  I looked a little confused and he said “Well you have a neck tattoo…” Now I don’t know much about “prison” rules/regulations but I didn’t know that a neck tat was an admission to serving time. I wasn’t sure to be amused or pissed at the assumption so I go to my “go to” persona, Sarcastic bitch, Lola….and Lola proceeded to say “Why yes, yes I was, for stabbing a man who asked stupid questions…I didn’t hear your question….”

Now I am proud of all my tattoos, well except for my first and I am in the process of fixing it.  They have meaning, they have history….I love them.


Author: BibliophileChloe

Lover of books, my family and friends!

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