Fave Reads of 2017

Can you believe the year is almost over?!?

Every year I participate in the Goodreads Reading Challenge, and at the end of the year I like to go through and reminisce about the fabulous books I have read the past year.  When I decided to put on my big girl panties and start this blog, I knew that something I wanted to do was to cap off the year with my list of Favorite Reads.  I started with about of the 200 plus books I have read this year and started whittling away……

When I got down to about 56, I really started to have a hard time, but I knew I had to make it a manageable list so I decided to cap it at 20, what a painful yet rewarding experience.  I have read such amazing books this year by some even more amazing authors.

So here it is ladies and gentlemen (Do I have gentlemen followers yet? Well I like to be all inclusive :), no one likes to be left out!) My favorite reads of 2017.  I am including the links to all of the books here! I hope you find as much enjoyment out these book I have!

As I close out, I would like to wish everyone Happy Holidays! May the new year bring health, happiness, new books and new authors!

My List

In no particular order….

A Little Too Late – Staci Hart http://a.co/2Zy9xN6

The Spring Girls – Anna Todd (releasing January 2nd) http://a.co/dA9fl9t

Preppy: The Life & Death of Samuel Clearwater – T.M. Frazier http://a.co/fZPUr5o

Preservation – Kate Canterbary http://a.co/isVn9o3

The Brightest Star – B. Cranford http://a.co/9yekHot

Pucked Off – Helena Hunting http://a.co/aJEASII

Behind the Bars – Brittainy Cherry http://a.co/2taF46Z

Whispers and the Roars – K. Webster http://a.co/866vpUG

This Time is Different – Mae Wood http://a.co/e3BJWVr

A Thousand Letters – Staci Hart http://a.co/4nJ223i

Mad about the Banker – Piper Rayne http://a.co/6Zp1yPb

This is the End, Baby – K. Webster http://a.co/f81cR6N

Dear Life – Meghan Quinn http://a.co/2N2GK1O

Tempting Tessa – Samantha Lind http://a.co/dKVghsx

Burnt Sugar – Layne Harper  http://a.co/iw7w83t

Notice – K. Webster http://a.co/8MG8kBg

Captain – Lauren Rowe http://a.co/gZlIJ3O

Fraternize – Rachel Van Dyken http://a.co/g8rHjBu

Imperfect – April Wilson http://a.co/5iaHmlB

The Outskirts – T.M. Frazier http://a.co/9zKrfn1

Author: BibliophileChloe

Lover of books, my family and friends!

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