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I shouldn’t want her. My head knows that. My heart doesn’t seem to care.

The One I Want, an all-new single dad, age gap, small town romance from bestselling author Chelle Sloan is available now!

As a professional football player, I had a playbook for everything on the field. 

Then I retired and found out there’s no playbook for life—especially when the one you thought was perfect gets flipped upside down. 

There’s no play for suddenly becoming a divorced, single dad. There’s no plan for moving your family back to the town you grew up in. 

And there is definitely not a play for falling in love with the nanny. 

I didn’t mean to. Betsy Sullivan just has that way about her.

It started with wanting to see her smile. It grew to needing to hear her laugh.

Before I knew it, her red lips and perfect curves were all I could think about. And I started to picture a life together – A perfect life together.

Except nothing is ever perfect. Nothing is how you envision it. I learned that hard lesson once already.

And if I’m not careful, I might find myself learning it again.

I shouldn’t want her. My head knows that. My heart doesn’t seem to care.

Neither does hers.

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My Review...

Holy crow! I had never wanted to become a character in a book before, but when I finished this story, I knew I wanted to be Betsy. I so want to become her when I grow up!

This is the story of Wes and Betsy.

This story has all the emotions! I laughed like crazy, I swooned like a Jane Austen character, and I cried tears of joy and pain.

I applaud Ms. Sloan for making her hero not only an alpha, but an alpha that is in touch with his feelings and emotions and is not afraid to show them.

Betsy is all that and a bag of chips, the epitome of a true southern lady with enough spice to make her a firecracker. I loved how she loved herself; I floved how she stood up for herself and those she loved.

I loved the whole cast of characters, new and old, and I am hoping and keeping all my fingers crossed that we will see more from the crew from Rolling Hills!

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