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It takes a village, or in the case of this jaded silver fox, he needs a wife to save one. 



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“I need you to marry me.”

Jane Fox


My boss cannot be serious. The ridiculously handsome man I hate-to-crush on has just proposed I pretend to be his wife for a funeral. A funeral! Only, when he dangles a much-coveted position in exchange for my time, I can’t refuse. Who am I kidding, though? I seem to have a habit of not saying no to Mr. Wright.


Machlan Wright


Things spiral out of control the second we reach my small town. A place I swore I’d never return has suddenly become my inheritance. As in, I’ve inherited an entire town! Only, there’s one condition: my hot, top executive pretending to be my wife must marry me for real. What could possibly go wrong? <insert sarcasm>



Join Jane and Mach as they road trip to a lovely mountain town where memories haunt and relationships build. And it takes (the restoration of) a village for this marriage of convenience to question the past and change the future.


L.B. Dunbar brings you a second standalone in Road Trips & Romance. 


**Note, the Fox sisters are siblings of Garrett Fox from Wine & Dine, an original #sexysilverfox. 

My Review...

Mysteries, secrets, and silver foxes aplenty in this newest story from Ms. Dunbar.

This is the highly anticipated (at least for me) second book in the Fox sisters. 

This is Jane and Machlan’s story, and what a smexy ride it was!

Jane and Machlan have been working together for almost a decade. Their working relationship is a true testament to the saying, “There is a thin line between love and hate.”

Jane is the eldest Fox sister and takes that role seriously, always the one who takes care of everything and everyone. Sometimes that didn’t work in her favor.

Machlan has secrets buried deep and a hurt that has caused him to become the man his is today.

A beautiful town with a Scottish background is the setting for this story, and I want to live there! The town and its inhabitants help shape the relationship between Mach and Jane. It was beautiful and heartbreaking to see it unfold.

And wowza…the smexiness between Jane and Machlan is something for the record books! It’s fantastic to see vintage characters still have the spontaneity, cleverness, and downright hotness as their younger counterparts!

I am in love with this story, and is another sparkly gem in the crown of Ms. Dunbar’s writing crown!

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