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MY FAVORITE MISTAKE by Claudia Burgoa is LIVE!
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USA TODAY Bestselling Author Claudia Burgoa brings us a brand new hockey romance about missed opportunities, accidental weddings, and found family.
What happens in Vegas might go viral!
The first time I met Caspian Spearman, we had the perfect night.
The second time, I was on the arm of his biggest rival.
The third night… was a string of mistakes.
Don’t believe me?
Let’s do a play-by-play—or mistake by mistake.
  1. I surprised my boyfriend in Vegas.
  2. I didn’t kill him when I caught him sleeping with his best friend.
  3. I went to the bar where I bumped into Cas.
  4. We had a few tequila shots for old times’ sake.
  5. Like the last time, we ended up in bed…but it doesn’t end there.
According to the internet I’m married to the hot, arrogant, womanizer captain of the Portland Orcas.
It’s all over social media—in case we need proof.
Even my mother watched the blissful event—kill me now.
He can’t afford the bad PR.
I can’t deal with Mom’s, I told you so.
So, we agree to stay married.
At least until the end of next season.
And in the meantime, we’ll enjoy our off-the-charts chemistry.
The benefits of being married, he says.
What can go wrong?
After all, it’s only sex.


My Review...

The second branch of the Spearman family is just as addicting as the first!

In this newest story, we get Caspian and Rys.

First off, I absolutely love Rys’s real name. Polaris is perfect! I also loved this character, I could totally empathize with her, and I swear she is my spirit sister. She works hard, and she is a bit of an introvert, but when she gives her heart, she gives her all.

Caspian is such a swoony fella! Ms. Burgoa has the perfect way to make her heroes. Caspian never forgets the short time he spends with Rys; in fact, she makes a permanent mark on his heart, soul, and other places ;).

Their story is fun, and fresh and exposes both of them to some obstacles that they have to face, but through it all, you get the best of Ms. Burgoa’s writing talent.

Who doesn’t love a hockey player? I know I do! This story is another gem in the crown of talent that Claudia Burgoa owns!

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