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The Dirty Truth


From Wall Street Journal and #1 Amazon bestselling author Winter Renshaw comes an enemies-to-lovers romance about the journey of self-discovery that follows a life-changing event.

After a brush with death, I realize it’s time to make changes in my life. Big changes.

First, my job. I love being a journalist, but I hate my megawatt magnate boss, West Maxwell. When he demands I rewrite an article on short notice, I turn the tables on him with a scathing new column and quit in a blaze of glory.

But West isn’t about to let me go that easily, the jerk. He offers me an unexpected new position: mentor to his rebellious teenage niece. For some reason, I agree—I like helping people, but I’m also admittedly curious to glimpse the man behind the mogul.

However, I soon discover that my new assignment isn’t what I expected. As I learn about the private side of my enigmatic boss, I start to see the heart he hides behind his icy facade. The old Elle hated West…but maybe—just maybe—the new Elle can tame him.


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My Review...

Another stellar story from Ms. Renshaw, another reason to be even more of a fan!

This story checked all my boxes for a romance. 

This story of West and Elle is smart, swoony and the sparks between these two was on fire!

Elle has had a literal life-changing experience and had an epiphany concerning her current career and what she wanted to do. Add some Dove chocolate quotes and she makes big moves. I loved her tenacity to speak the truth, but also how she didn’t really realize her own truth. 

West is a tough nut to crack, but once Elle does, you get to see his swoony insides. There is a reason why he the way he is and when you find out it, well it made me a bit weepy. When he brings Elle into his world to help, it just reaffirms what a gem he has had in his orbit.

From the glittery high rises of Manhattan to the desolate small towns of Nebraska, you are taken on a journey of self-discovery, self-preservation, love of family, and the sometimes dirty truth.  

Well done, Ms. Renshaw! Another jewel in the crown of your talented writing tiara!


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