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“So tell me, Kelsey, what are you looking for in a man?”

SO NOT MEANT TO BE, a brand new sexy, enemies-to-lovers standalone romance from USA Today bestselling author Meghan Quinn, is Now Available in all formats, including the illustrated hardcover edition! 

 Enemies to Lovers
 Coworkers AND Roommates
 Billionaire Alpha Romance
 Begging, Infatuated Hero
 Smoking HOT Scenes

Get ready to fall in love with this delicious, cocky man and the beautiful, smart-as-a-whip woman he can’t resist! One-click your copy today!




From USA Today and Amazon Charts bestselling author Meghan Quinn, comes a fresh take on a romantic comedy classic, When Harry Met Sally. This steamy, laugh-out-loud, enemies to lovers romance is about an annoyingly handsome coworker and the woman who refuses to be charmed by him.

Am I friends with JP Cane?

Ha! That’s laughable.

Besides the fact that he’s adopted some far-fetched notion from the movie When Harry Met Sally that says men and women can’t be friends and work together, it’s safe to say we’re not friends. He’s annoyingly loud, obnoxiously handsome, and has made an art out of poking all my hot buttons . . . multiple times a day.

So you can imagine how disgruntled I am when I not only have to fly to San Francisco with him for work, but stay in the same penthouse. Yup, we’re sharing the same air, twenty-four-seven. We’re talking full-fledged working roommates.

The man doesn’t know what it means to wear a shirt, thrives off protein bars, and you guessed it, moans loud enough for people to believe he’s Meg Ryan in a restaurant.

Spoiler Alert: I WON’T be having what he’s having.

Tack on his continuous flirting and his polished good looks, and I’m caught staring down the barrel of a seductive temptation that makes it hard for me to sleep at night.

But guess who can control herself? This girl.

Because if there is one thing I know for certain, it’s that JP Cane and I are so not meant to be.

My Review...

Laugh out loud funny! J.P. and Kelsey are SO meant to be!

I always look forward to a new story from Ms. Quinn, it’s always a guaranteed chuckle but this tops this with an actual crack up out loud laugh of a story. (So much so, that I was getting weird looks from family and the public when I was reading it.)

Kelsey is a total type A personality and the company she has made with her sister is just what she needs to keep her sane and happy. But a pure romantic at heart she longs for love, commitment, and stability. 

I felt a kindred spirit in Kelsey with her doubts and insecurities. I think every gal has had experiences like hers and it made me empathize and feel a deep understanding of her personality, hopes, and dreams.

J.P. wowza, what an alpha hero is he! He hides his vulnerabilities in the most antagonistic way. But when he does show his soft side…watch out readers, you are going to be swooning hard for this loveable fella.

I loved the podcasts that Kelsey creates and we get to see past characters make appearances (even if you haven’t read a Meghan Quinn book you are gonna love it too!) 

I felt all the feels in the story! From laughter to tears, from swoons to wanting to shake the characters, I floved this story hard!

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