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THE ONE NIGHT Cover - Meghan Quinn


THE ONE NIGHT, a prequel to Meghan Quinn ‘s much anticipated February release, THE REUNION, is NOW AVAILABLE!! 
If you’re looking for a sexy fun read you need to pick this one up!

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From USA Today bestselling author Meghan Quinn comes a romantic comedy novella about the magic and misadventures of a one-night stand.

Recently divorced Cooper Chance knows he’s officially in a rut when his parents take him bar hopping in the hope of resuscitating his love life. At first, he’s skeptical. How could a gritty dive bar possibly solve his problems? But then he runs into Nora McHale.

Nora isn’t at the bar looking for love. She’s there to unwind after yet another exhausting day at her bakery. And even if she were hoping to meet someone, it sure wouldn’t be Cooper—her best friend’s ex-husband.

According to the unwritten rules of romance, Cooper and Nora are completely off limits to each other. But after a fun, flirty night at the bar, they can’t ignore the wild attraction between them.

Is this the beginning of something real, or will their passionate night together be their one and only?

My Review...

Oh my-lanta!! Is the a extended prologue for a new book by Ms. Quinn??? Dear readers I am happy to say yes, yes it is!

This delightful surprise is about that one night, that one night that Cooper and Nora had an epic night together. 

Their meetup is the cutest! Their banter and chemistry is fabulous. I fell hard for both of them. 

I could understand the obstacles in Cooper and Nora’s way and how that would affect everyone around them. But I also love that they decided to go forward with their evening together.

Just when you think this story is going to give you the happy ending that Ms. Quinn is known for, she is going to rock your world with a doozy of a cliffhanger! I cannot wait to get my hands on Family Reunion, I need to know what happens!!  

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