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Off the Market at Christmas, an opposites attract, Christmas romance, by Chelle Sloan is LIVE! 


🎄Childhood friends-to-lovers

🎄Nerdy, lovable hero

🎄Heroine who is more than a pretty face

🎄Part of the 12 Days of Kissmas

🎄Return to the Nashville Fury world


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The saying goes that nice guys finish last.

The more accurate statement is that nice guys and nerds finish last.

We don’t get the girl. We don’t get the happily ever after. Even if it is the one thing we’ve asked for from Santa Claus this Christmas.

So when Presley Dawson comes back into my life after twenty years, I don’t even try. What’s the point? As a Nashville Fury cheerleader, she is the fantasy of every man in Tennessee. What would the girl next door from my childhood want with a geek like me?

She’s outgoing. I’d rather stay inside. She’s adventurous. I think adventure comes in the form of a new video game.

We have nothing in common.

Except when we’re together. Then there are enough sparks to guide Santa’s sleigh without Rudolph.

But when she finds out that I never outgrew my geek phase, will she still want me? Or will our story be over before the ball drops at midnight?



My Review...

Oh how I wish this was a full story and not just a novella!

This quick holiday treat is going to grab you and cheer for the underdog!

This story of Gavin and Presley is sweet and steamy and all the things you love in a Chelle Sloan romance story! I loved visiting the world she created with the Nashville Fury!

I love how both Gavin and Presley had sides to themselves that they were afraid to show and they were perfect for each other!

Well done Ms. Sloan!

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