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Release Date: August 2, 2021


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Cover Design: Elle Maxwell Designs

About the Book:

When the prize is love, sometimes you get stung. But if you’re lucky, you just might hit the sweet spot…  

Juliana Burton needs a medal at Speakeasy’s beer festival to push her brand-new, woman-owned brewery into the spotlight. She thinks she knows just how to do it, too–with a beer made exclusively from Vermont ingredients. Hops, check. Barley, check. But what she really needs is the best honey in the state. Too bad the only thing standing in her way is six feet tall, smokin’ sexy, and her secret high school crush.

After a very public disaster in Boston, Riggs Lyon is home with his teenage son in tow.  Riggs is taking over the family beekeeping business with an eye to offload it and start life over somewhere where “Lyin’ Lyon” isn’t a joke. Selling honey to Juliana doesn’t make business sense. She can’t afford the high prices Lyon honey fetches in specialty shops and farmer’s markets. But somehow, he’s having trouble saying no to anything she asks him for, whether it’s in the hive or in the bedroom.


My Review...

Speakeasy Taproom

I have loved Mae’s books from the beginning of her writing career and to say she keeps getting better and better is an understatement.

With this newest novel, Ms. Wood has charmed me. You tell by the words she writes that the work she puts into each story is amazing. The background and behind-the-scenes knowledge she acquires is truly awe-inspiring. 

She is able to explain the complex careers of beekeeping and beer brewing and turn that knowledge into something that readers will appreciate. For me, it was a learning experience wrapped into an absolutely lovely romance.

I loved Riggs and Juliana, I loved that they had life experience and wisdom, I like that they were of a more vintage age and they were both knowledgeable in their strengths and also willing to see that it’s OK to be vulnerable. 

The smexy times were absolutely breathtaking! And hotter than a pepper sprout!

Get your hands on this! 


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