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Lakeside Cottage Book 1

All hail the queen of over 40 romance! Ms. Dunbar has done it yet again with this newest story and the beginning of what’s going to be an epic series. 

This story is about living life to its fullest, don’t wait till “later” do it today. This story is about family, those by blood and by those by choice.

This is the story of Autumn and Logan. Both with the experiences and lives that have shaped them into the people they are. 

Autumn is a born caregiver, a nurturing soul with a bad track record of picking men who use her shamelessly. She decided she wants someone to love her unconditionally and wants a have a baby to make that happen.

Logan, oh my swoons! Grab your proverbial pearls people, he is going to melt you into a puddle! He has known Autumn as his best friend’s little sister, but now he sees her as the woman he wants to be with.

This story also embraces the lifelong friendship of four men, each with a story to tell. A beautiful lakeside cottage, a two-week vacation where memories are reminisced and life-changing secrets are revealed.

This was a moving story, it brought me to tears and made me laugh. As an over 40 gal myself, this story really hit me in the feels and heartstrings! I cannot wait to see what comes next.

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