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My Review...

I was so excited to see Eros’s story come to life in this newest story by the talented Claudia Burgoa!


We finally get to see the elusive Eros and where he really disappearing to in the previous books in this series. Now don’t get discouraged by that last sentence! This story, along with all the others can be read as a standalone. So if this is your first foray into the Brassard world, welcome and get ready to fall in love with the characters.


Olivia is the reason for Eros’s disappearances! A chance meeting and then serendipity and fate take the wheel in their relationship.


Olivia’s upbringing is a bit chaotic, but full of love.  But it still leaves some lingering issues in the heart for her. She is young when her and Eros meet for the first time, but she truly is an old soul.


The pace and flow of this story was phenomenal! Even as the years pass in this story, I was still invested in what was going on. It was lovely to “see” past characters make an appearance, they didn’t distract from the main story, but they sure did bring more to it!


I am always amazed by the stories that Ms. Burgoa gives to the readers, and this story is no exception!

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