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When these childhood friends reunite in their small town, sparks fly for this single dad and the woman he never knew he could have.


A Heart Collection novella

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** BLURB**

Levi Walker never expected to be a single father at thirty-four. Then again, there were several things he hadn’t anticipated like a life-altering situation in the military or a certain girl, who was now a woman, standing before him again. Memories of her haunted his dreams and kept him alive on more than one occasion. From an accidental kiss when she was too young to an intentional one when she was old enough, Levi hasn’t been able to forget her.

Katie Carter has grown up confident and successful despite her early childhood. At twenty-seven, she has everything she could have asked for except two things – love and marriage. She’s always been a bit of a dreamer and there’s one man in particular who has filled her fantasies for years. When she’s reunited with him, some embarrassing moments resurface and the heart remembers innocent feelings that might lead to more as grown adults.

It’s a family celebration that brings Levi Walker (Read With Your Heart) and Katie Carter (Speak From The Heart) back to Elk Lake City, igniting old memories and sizzling new attractions between friends who grew up together.

The Heart Remembers is a standalone spin-off novella from the Heart Collection, joining aged children in a second chance reunion. 

** Previously published as The History in Us. Now, a completely new story for two beloved characters.

My Review...

I have always loved the characters that Ms. Dunbar has created. This story makes me love her characters even more.

I absolutely loved The Heart Collection.

So reading this story and seeing characters from her past come back to visit was amazing!

A family reunion brings everyone back home! Including Katie and Levi. They have a complicated past and a lifelong crush from Katie.

Levi has scars from his past, both physical and mental. I was able to completely empathize with him. My husband is a wounded vet and I was so impressed by Ms. Dunbar’s realism with Levi. He has known Katie since she was a little girl and leaves for the military with her waiting for her hero.  When he comes home years later he sees that Katie is a little girl no more, she has grown and become a woman that he can see a future with.

Katie has loved Levi since she was a little girl. Levi has always pushed her away because of her age, even with a few hiccups along the way. But Katie has always had a piece of her heart saved just for Levi. 

Their chemistry is breathtaking and I loved the push and pull between the two of them and the love for each other bled through the pages.

I have always said that Ms. Dunbar is the queen of over 40 romances and even though Levi and Katie are a bit younger, they still resonate beautifully with me.


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