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I believed true love lasts forever…

Our story doesn’t end with the happily ever after. For Bruce and I it was just the beginning.

Marriage, the beginning of a life of happiness.

That was what everyone saw. However, that was nothing more than a mirage. 

The reflection of the sun on the desert sand. Our story was imperfect, just as we were.

Now, I wander lost in a world I don’t know, blurred between the shadows of routine and loneliness.

Despite that, I am determined to keep going. To find what they call happiness. Playing with pieces of my heart I’d never thought I would risk.

I’m looking for who I really am, when a man I never thought I knew comes into my life, making me smile again. Helping me to believe again.

He shows me, for once, I can be myself and be happy. 

And perhaps, we can be happy together, beyond our forever.



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My Review…

Full of heart-melting moments, this new story by Susana Mohel will give you all the feels.

This is a story that starts at the end and ends with a beautiful new beginning.  This is the story of what a marriage is really about.  It’s not hearts and rainbows every day, it takes work, every day to keep the fires burning.  “Acta non verba” Actions not words it the main premise of this story.

This is about the Leighton family, from the outside, it’s a picture-perfect family.  Bruce and Ilythia (love the name) are soul mates, they are each other’s worlds. That is until forces and complacency start to eat away at the solid foundation that they have built.

I could so empathize with Ilythia’s plight, to feel like she was losing herself in the roles she plays, mother, wife, but what she needs still is to feel like a woman.  A woman with a sense of purpose and goals and she felt like she lost that along the way.

Bruce is trying hard to give his wife what he feels she needs.  But it gets lost in translation.

It was a beautiful story full of poignant moments and a faith in true love and a soul mate.  Well done, Susana! I am so happy to be a part of this journey with you!

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