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Award-winning author Laura Trentham’s third book in the Highland, Georgia romantic comedy series, A HIGHLANDER IS COMING TO TOWN (St. Martin’s Paperbacks, September 29, 2020, $7.99) is full of love, laughs…and highlanders!

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My Review…

A Highland, Georgia Novel.

I absolutely could not wait for this story! We finally get to see the lovable Holt get his miracle! And that miracle is a Scottish lass named Claire.

This series is amazing and the richness of detail of the town of Highland that Ms. Trentham describes puts the reader right on main street.  Seeing the town people come alive off the pages is beautiful and shows the talent of the author.

I really enjoy the flow and sweetness that Ms. Trentham has to her stories, you get heat and some serious swoony moments, but you get a ton of heart and togetherness that some romances lack.  Her stories are like a palate cleanser for life and all the dark and dreary that surrounds you sometimes.

I admired the honesty that both Holt and Claire had to each other, and I also wanted to shake Claire for the secrets she held back, but could understand it.  She was trying to find her place in the world, what she really wanted and not what was expected of her.

I also swooned over Holt’s determination to love Claire the way that she needed and also what he needed. I fell in love with him in the very first story of this series.

This story of Holt and Claire is perfect.

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