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Release Date: September 16th

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I can’t avoid Connor Scott forever. Trust me, I’ve tried.

Two years ago, the fearless MMA fighter ended our friends-with-benefits arrangement after I caught feelings.

When my life shatters, the last man on Earth I want to witness my humiliation is literally standing by my side.

Connor doesn’t just absorb my heartbreak, he forces me to remember my original fairytale.

The one that featured him.

He reminds me how he was the first man to light my body up.
The first to capture my heart; the first to claim my soul.

Connor shows me all over again how a passion like ours doesn’t fade.

Not even when it should.
We were never meant to last.
We were meant to burn.


I don’t know what the protocol is when a woman you care for is hurting because another man did her wrong, but I know I’m about to break ranks.

Pushing off the wall, a wave of frustration rolling through me, I step to the bathroom door. I lift my hand to knock when it swings open.

Surprised, I falter as she slams into me. My arms wrap around her to keep her from falling. Unexpectedly, she crumbles in my embrace, her strength leaving her as she sags against my chest.

Without overthinking it, I walk Harlow backward into the bathroom, kicking the door closed behind us. Harlow breaks apart in my arms. Witnessing her anguish causes my throat to close, until swallowing is difficult. Anger builds in my bloodstream. I’m furious at pansy-ass Bryce for causing Harlow pain. I’m pissed at the media for blindsiding her.

But most of all, I’m angry with myself for not being enough for her when she asked me to be. Now, instead of drowning in her bright green eyes and hearing the music of her laughter, I’m comforting her as she collapses from the betrayal of the man she loves.

“Shh, you’re okay,” I whisper into her hair, my hand cradling the back of her head.

She hiccups against my chest and I smile, relishing the sound since it’s the most real Harlow’s been with me in years.

“I got you, Low.”

“I’m sorry,” she wails. “I’m ruining your shirt.”

Snorting, I try to bite back my laughter. She must sense it because she pulls back, looking up at me with puffy eyes and a red-tipped nose.

I grin, “That’s what’s ripping you up? My shirt?”

Her eyes simultaneously narrow and fill with tears. I reach out and crush her back against my chest. “Let it out, babe. I promise not to sell your secrets to the tabloids.”

She groans, smacking my ribs.

I hold her tighter. Little by little, she relaxes in my embrace. I don’t know how long we spend hugging, but when I catch sight of us in the huge bathroom mirror, I like our reflection more than I should.

Petite in stature but larger than life in personality, Harlow still fits perfectly against me. Her blonde hair pops against the tanned skin of my forearms, a consequence of working odd construction jobs while trying to keep my gym afloat. While she’s pristine, I’m flawed. Where she’s outgoing, I’m introverted. But when we’re together, everything slows and I hold onto the moment for as long as she’ll let me.

About the Author:
I’m Gina Azzi, a book-obsessed, coffee-drinking, globetrotting, mama of soon-to-be three! I write sweet with a dash of spicy New Adult and Contemporary Romance full of good men putting in work to win the hearts of even better women.

A total Jersey girl at heart, I struggle with insatiable wanderlust and currently reside in Ontario, Canada with my family. When I’m not dreaming up storylines or writing all the words, you can find me hanging with my littles, attempting to bake, or planning my next adventure.

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