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Wild Distortion by Tina Saxon is now live!


In paradise, nothing is as it seems.


Coach gave me three rules. Train. Stay focused. Stay away from women. After being suspended from three NFL games, I was exiled to a remote island to stay out of the press.

One sight of the island beauty and I knew I was doomed to fail.

She’s the girl from the island.
Her eyes the color of whiskey and her lips, the taste of sugar. She’s all of my addictions rolled up in one hot body. What’s wrong with having a little tryst while on a mini-vacation?

Except addictions are hard to quit.


He made me fall in love with him and then left me broken-hearted. My prison was his fantasy. But he wanted to see me again. He offered me something I couldn’t resist. A chance to leave the island.

I should have never gone to New York City. I was a stranger in his world, but secrets about a past I never knew lurked in the shadows threatening to unravel my life. I thought I left the mysteries of the island at home. I didn’t know I was one of them.

I’m the girl from the island.
And I was found dead twenty-four years ago.



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Meet Tina

Tina Saxon lives in Dallas, Texas, with her husband and two kids. She’s not afraid to try new things because it’s outside the box of typical housewife. CEO of her home is by far the most rewarding job she has ever had. Her jobs include, but are not limited to, seamstress, carpenter, craft extraordinaire, PTA President, chauffeur, dance mom, mediator–of mentioned kids–and author. Once upon a time she was a Financial Analyst but traded budgets and forecasts in for diapers and bottles. The former was definitely easier but the latter more fulfilling.

Tina’s love for reading surged into her passion for writing. Wanting to bring the reader an intriguing story that’s hard to put down with steamy love scenes that heat you up, she’s always thinking of the perfect way to take you down that path.


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My Review…

Oh how I so enjoy new stories from Ms. Saxon! And this story is no exception!

Wild Distortion is going to take you to the beautiful island of Tahiti to the busy streets of New York and to the cattle country of Texas!

This is the story of Aspen and Ryker and what a wild ride it is! Filled with mystery, secrets and a love story that will leave you breathless, this story is going to keep you guessing until the very end.

I absolutely loved the strength and naivety of Aspen.  Being raised on a tropical paradise gave her a strength of self but also such a newness and wonder when she came to America.

Ryker is fabulous as the fella that falls hard for his island girl.  He is attentive and patient and helps her navigate the new world in front of her.

There are swoons aplenty and parts that are going to make you gasp out loud! Sink into this fabulous world that Ms. Saxon has created! You won’t regret it!

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