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Here’s what to look forward to if you decide to take a chance on The Fear of Falling:

✔️ Flirty banter
✔️ Dirty talk
✔️ Adrenaline kisses
✔️ The world’s worst driver’s license photo
✔️ A bunny named Hagrid



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My Review…

What a welcome back to the writing of the incredible Ms. Cranford.

I know I have been waiting (sometimes not so patiently) for another gem of a story and she doesn’t fail to shine again with this lovely story of Rowan and Lenny.

This story started as an audio story for Read Me Romance and then Ms. Cranford got to add even more awesomeness to this sweet, steamy, insta-love kind of story.

A chance meeting at an amusement park, when Rowan and Lenny meet you can almost hear the “click” of their souls connecting.  Sometimes time and space don’t matter. When you know, you know! Lenny with her anxiety and Rowan with his patience and admiration for his Challenger was so swoony to read! It made my heart melt!

Ms. Cranford has such a way of bringing the reader into the story, she breaks the third wall and really feel the characters actually talking to you, the reader.

This is a quick-paced story that I couldn’t put down until the very end.  I cannot wait to read Willa’s story in the future!

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