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Even the town’s black sheep needed a friend sometimes

Southern Storms, an all-new, beautifully emotional and moving standalone romance from Brittainy C. Cherry, is available now!

SouthernStorms AMAZON

All I wanted to do was run away, I never expected to crash into his arms…

After leaving the city life behind to escape my loveless marriage, I moved to small town Havenbarrow for a fresh start.

What I didn’t expect was to find myself drawn to the town’s black sheep.

They called him troubled. Cold. A man with a dark past.

What everyone seemed to miss about Jax was the splashes of light in his eyes. The random acts of kindness he performed when no one was watching. The way he made me smile and laugh.

Jax helped unpack the baggage I’d been carrying around with me. He was patient with my pain and gentle with my scars. He was the stillness during my hurricane.

Yet when both of our pasts come back to haunt our present days, we realized quickly that sometimes love stories didn’t end the way we’d hoped.

Sometimes you were left with only the damage from the storm.

Southern Storm - AN

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Author Brittainy C. Cherry is an Amazon #1 bestselling author.

She has been in love with words since the day she took her first breath. She graduated from Carroll University with a Bachelor Degree in Theatre Arts and a minor in Creative Writing.

Her novels have been published in 18+ countries around the world. Brittainy lives in Brookfield, Wisconsin with her fur babies.

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My Review…

“If you need to run away, run away to me…”

Gahhhh!! This first book in the Compass Series by Ms. Cherry absolutely moved me.

This is the story of Kennedy and Jaxson, Sun and Moon and their story of heartbreak and kismet.  This is a story of owning someone else’s blame and survivors’ guilt.

Kennedy was the sun, she owned her kind of weird and she would shine brightly. That’s what drew Jax to her when they were kids.  Time and space separate them, vengeful miscommunication keep them apart.  Over the years, Kennedy’s light begins to dim, horrible accidents and horrible marriage almost snuff out the brightness.

Jaxson, oh Jaxson.  He is the Moon, he is the still waters run deep. He has built such a wall around himself over the years after the tragedy in his past.  He becomes the dark side of the moon, ever bleak.

You are going to get all the feelings in this book! I laughed like crazy with the interactions between Jax and Connor, I cried when I read the backstories of both Kennedy and Jax. I held hope and swooned over the chemistry between Jax and Kennedy and who they both navigated their grief.

This first story in this series is phenomenal and I cannot wait to see where the next stories in this series take me.

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