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TITLE: Missing in Action

AUTHOR: Kate Canterbary

SERIES: Standalone with strong ties to the Walsh Series

RELEASE DATE: March 30, 2020






Missing In Action Synopsis






My Review…

“…proof choice mattered more than blood ever could…”

This amazing new story from Ms. Canterbary is a celebration of true family being a choice and not just determined by blood.  This story touches on matters that are really meaningful to me and I promise you will come away with a feeling of hope and a clear voice of what matters.

This is the story that fans of Kate Canterbary have been waiting for! This is the story of the long lost Halsted brother Wesley and the complicated, sometimes shambly relationship with Tom.

Tom has been a large part of the Walshes’ life and an important piece of the machine that has become of Walsh Associates.

Wes is coming home from his last operation, bruised, broken and lost in who he really is.  He knows what he wants, he knows who he wants, but he is a wreck to figure out how to navigate this new reality he’s come into.

I applaud Ms. Canterbary touching on some prickly subjects. I am in awe of her navigation of these subjects, treating them with the care and respect that they deserve.

It was absolutely amazing to see past characters making their presence known in this story.  From the Walshes’ and Halsted’s to the crew from Coastal Elite, you get an update on what everyone is doing in their worlds!

Ms. Canterbary is able to write with vast knowledge, and with the talent of not making the reader feel like they are too uneducated not to keep up with her.  I know I learn something new every time I pick up a new book from Ms. Canterbary.  You will too!


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