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I wanted one thing—to never fall in love again. But the universe had other plans. One look into Tom Wright’s olive-green eyes, and I free-fell crazy in love with the one man destined to break my heart. I know, because I’ve yet to learn my lesson. The past never dies, and mine is ready to rear its ugly head. Question is, will I be strong enough to survive the fallout?

She wasn’t supposed to happen. I’d vowed to never let anyone in, but with one curve of her lips, Sara Hart bulldozed through my heart. I’m happier than I’ve ever been, yet scared as hell of how much I love her. Despite my best intentions, I haven’t been one-hundred percent honest. My biggest torment still lurks within, threatening to unwind the strings holding us together. And if I lose her now, it might as well be the end of me.


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My Review…

Chronicles of a Dancing Heart Book Two

Oh how I was waiting, not so patiently, for the final book in this duet.  Boy was it so worth the wait!

This is the continuing story of Sara and Tom.  The ups and downs of their blossoming, fragile, new relationship and the power of finding your true love and soul mate.

Their story is not easy, it’s fraught with obstacles and moments of self-doubt, but the journey is so worth it.

To see the growth and maturity for both Sara and Tom.  To see the strength of the two of them together and see how they develop when they are apart.

From the scars of past relationships and opening old wounds, Sara and Tom’s love is put to the ultimate test.  How they navigate that throughout this story is riveting and I couldn’t put this story down until the very end.

From the battles with PTSD and alcoholism to trust and communication, you are going to get all the feels from this story and this duet!  The bit of mystery and suspense kept me guessing until the very end!

What a fantastic story and a phenomenal duet! You are going to love it!

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