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Cross-Checking by Evie Graham





My life has been defined by a series of choices—some made by me, some made by those I loved.

One of the hardest choices was ten years ago, when I left Coraline Campbell and Lilac Harbor in the rearview mirror to play hockey and provide for my father. Now, I’m back. Back in the small town I grew up in, breathing in the same air of the last person who made me feel whole. Chasing that feeling. 

Coraline has made her own choices. She’s not the same girl I fell in love with, and she has her own secrets to hide. When her final choice brings me to my knees, I have my own decision to make. 

Will I let the anger and betrayal consume me, or will I fight for the only thing in my life that makes sense? Can we have a second chance?


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My Review…

Wow, just wow!! What an amazing debut novel by author Evie Graham.

This heartfelt and heartbreaking story is the first in, what I am absolutely sure to be, a phenomenal series Lilac Harbor.

This is the story of Camden and Coraline. This is a story of a lifelong friendship and choices made.  This is a story of how decisions, made with the best intentions, have an impact that can be brutal. This is a story about the power of friendship and love.  This is a story reminded me of…“You Can’t Go Home Again”

I was so impressed by the depth of this story.  I am always wary of reading debut novels by new authors.  Some have the tendency to pander to the audience they are writing for.  Trying to shove too much into a story and causes it to be overwhelming.

Not so for this story, Ms. Graham gives the reader a story that flows beautifully, that has flashbacks that are needed.  This story is full of heart, heat, and hope. This is a beautiful story of redemption and forgiveness.

Thank you, Ms. Graham, for writing this story, thank you for creating the world of Lilac Harbor and I cannot wait to see what comes next for you! I see a bright future for you!


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