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HIS LITTLE BARMAID (The Princes of Hollywood, Book 3) by Taylor Holloway
Release Date: March 5th

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Derek Prince is a quadruple threat.
He can sing, dance, act, and charm the panties off me without breaking a sweat.
And now that I’m in his new movie, shaking my sequined-covered butt right in front of him, these panties are going nowhere but down.

Instead of serving cocktails in a karaoke joint, this broke little barmaid is finally moving up in the world.

I’ve been cast in Derek’s new movie, but there’s a massive catch.
His jealous costar wants him for herself.
In exchange for a shot at my dream, I promised her I’d stay away from him.

But Derek’s relentless pursuit of me is creating all sorts of new dreams.
Steamy ones.

One look from him and I’m breathless.
One dance with him and I’m tempted.
One night with him and I’ll be lost.

After always wanting to be part of his world, he wants to be a part of mine.

I want to say yes, but the stakes are sky high.
My dream, this movie, and his career could be on the line.
Oh, and my heart.
That too…

‘The Little Barmaid’ is a sweet and sexy romcom featuring a cocky movie star hero and a stubborn, sassy heroine on a crazy road to happily ever after. It stands alone with no cheating, cliffhangers, or nonsense.





About the Author:
Taylor Holloway is a Contemporary Romance author living in Austin, Texas with her husband and spoiled Maine Coon cat. She works in a cubicle when she isn’t crafting amazing, romantic escapes for herself and her readers, and she dreams about having the freedom to travel the world.

She loves everything about her hometown except the scorching summer heat, and enjoys running, biking, cooking, shopping, and going to music festivals. Right now, Taylor’s either on a patio somewhere gossiping with friends and drinking margaritas, or in a bathtub with a good book and a nice glass of wine.


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My Review…

Princes of Hollywood

I am so loving this series by Ms. Holloway.  Each story has a different Prince brother meeting his “princess”.

This is a fun twist on “The Little Mermaid” set in Hollywood.

This is Derek and Ariel’s story and what an angsty, heartfelt story it is.

Derek Prince is part of the legendary family of Hollywood royalty.  He is a triple threat, he acts, sings and dances.  The world is his oyster and when he finds Ariel (a fabulous meet-cute by the way) he has found his pearl.

Ariel is trying hard to find her place in the Hollywood machine.  When an opportunity comes to work with some A-list actors, including Derek, she wants to jump at the opportunity, but at what cost to her?

I enjoy the writing style that Ms. Holloway has.  Her characters are bold and upfront. Our heroine is no shrinking violet and she is not clueless on what is going on in her world.  But she also has a vulnerability that is beautiful.

This world that Ms. Halloway has created in this series is fantastic!! I am looking forward to the next book in this series!

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