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A Cocky Suits Novel

I am really enjoying this series by Mr. Howell and Mr. Wolf!  This band of brothers and the women that take over their world is really fun, smexy and the heroines rock!

This is Dexter and Abigail’s story.

Dexter is the peacekeeper in the family, well as well as a Collins man can.  He is trying to make a bigger name for himself within the family’s law firm, he is also trying to mend the bridge that was burned between the oldest and the youngest brothers in the family. He feels like he has everything he needs in his world until he meets Abigail, and then he realizes he needs her.  I loved the softer side of Dexter, his romantic side was stellar! The things he did for Abigail was amazing!

Abigail, this gal, despite her age was fierce in her independence.  Almost too fierce, but I admired it.  But sometimes she was blinded to the world around her and maybe that was because of her age.  I like that there was a realism to her character.  She was the perfect mix for Dexter.

The collaboration between Mr. Howell and Mr. Wolf is seamless and so well written! The true testament to a good writing team is not being able to differentiate between the two and this with series it’s epic.  Can’t wait to see Donovan’s story next!! Oh and what’s going on with Rick Lawrence? That’s a character that I need to know more about!

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