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Ever’s Last (Chicken Fried Love #1) by Cedar Rose

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I fell in love with Memphis when I was five years old.
I spent our whole lives planning the perfect moment to tell him how I felt. When that night finally came, my best friend . . . the man I thought loved me in return . . . did the last thing I expected— he left.
Memphis abandoned me when I needed him the most, and as the years went by, I came to despise him.
Now, he’s back and the contestant of a local dating show— while living under the same roof as me.
As much as I want to keep hating Memphis, the more I get to know him again, the more I want to be one of the girls on the show.
When Memphis finally comes clean about why he left, I’m not sure if it’s going to heal us or rip us apart all over again.

My entire life is one giant mess up. One questionable decision after the other.
Loving Ever is not one of them, though.
The night she finally poured her heart out to me, I should have taken her in my arms and never let her go. Instead, I turned my back on her and broke her heart.
It’s been forever, but I’m back home, trying to clean up my image with the help of a dating show, and living right down the hall from the woman who’s held my heart and soul since before I was old enough to realize I had either.
Working my way back into her life and her heart means coming clean about what happened the night I shattered her . . .
I’m terrified of losing her all over again.

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