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My Review…

What a fan-flippin-tasic surprise release from Scott Hildreth!  This author knows how to write an MC book with heart, heat and a realistic twist that keeps you hooked until the very end!

Thug is the first book in a brand new series and I am beyond excited.

This story is an introduction of the crew of the Hard Eights MC, it’s also the story of Price and Gray.

Price is the president of this group of outlaws and he is the epitome of “Still waters run deep”. He doesn’t talk much but when he does, it means something.  He has a strength and determination in his convictions and with his past, you can see why he chooses the life that he does.

Mr. Hildreth is phenomenal with his heroines and Gray is no exception! She has a no holds barred, brutally honest and is not afraid to tell Price what she wants.  She is what every woman should strive for!  Her past gives her an excellent knowledge of what it means to be with Price and what she goes through with the club just makes me admire her character more!

The chemistry between Price and Gray is hotter than Hades and sometimes laugh out loud funny like a good relationship should be!

The introduction to the rest of the characters in the club is fantastic and I cannot wait to read about the more in future books in this series!

Mr. Hildreth brings an honest, almost down to earth feel to his stories and it’s one of the many things I admire about his work! Another amazing story and a brilliant beginning to a new series!  Well done Mr. Hildreth, well done!

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