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Titles: Hidden Truths
Hidden Truths & Stolen Lies Duet #1
Authors: K Webster and Nikki Ash
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release: November 21, 2019
My life was easy, simple, fun.
Until I got wrapped up with the wrong people.
Nothing but a piece of property to pay for the sins of my father.
I’m to be married off to a handsome monster.
I see his truths every day, and it’s hard not to fall for the enemy.
He won’t let me escape, but I’m not sure I want to.
I wanted to marry for love, but it looks like love is a lie.




“A deliciously-seductive, dark, suspenseful and sexy tale that hooked me from page one, and didn’t let go until I had devoured it. Absolutely superb. Grab a copy right now!” Siobhan Davis, USA Today bestselling author of Cruel Intentions

Hold on to your seat and get ready as this grabs you from the beginning and won’t let you go. They pull you in and take over your body, your heart, and your mind. – Miss Petite Brunette Book Blog

This story had me from page one. I couldn’t put it down. Every time I thought I had it figured out, I’d flip the page and have a different theory. Bucket up cuz it’s a bumpy and wild ride- Nancy, reader

Dark romance suspense at its finest.-Fun Under the Covers Blog

FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC! Hidden Truths was a pager turner that kept me on the edge of my seat and wanting more. -Kristina, reader

The first in the duet, the story is captivating. There’s so much angst, drama, and suspense I literally couldn’t put it down. – Shirley, reader

Both Nikki Ash and K Webster are just amazing individually. But when they collab together, it’s just a match perfectly made.- Viridiana, Amazon reader




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My Review…

This is truly a powerhouse writing duo!  They write a story so seamlessly, it flows beautifully and you can’t tell who is writing what.  That is a true testament to a fantastic collaboration.

Hidden Truths is the beginning of what is going to be a first-class duet. This is the beginning of Kosta and Talia’s story.

This story is gritty and not the hearts and flowers type of love story.  The way that Ms. Webster and Ms. Ash incorporate the story of the “Rape of Proserpina” with their own twist is amazing!  A thin line between love and hate indeed.

The chemistry between Kostas and Talia is hotter than the hinges on Hades gate and the push and pull that they have in the relationship will have you cheering hard for them.

I couldn’t put this story down until it was finished and it’s leaving me begging for more.  There are questions that need to be answered, there is a mystery that needs to come to light and then there are the secrets, the damning secrets that could break the fragile relationship that Kostas and Talia have.

Get your hands on this story!  I cannot wait until the next book in this duet is out! I will be waiting on tenterhooks until then!

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