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Sheโ€™s been broken by life. Heโ€™s always had it easy. Can they trust each otherย enough to be the fix they both need?

I used to wonder if there was something wrong with me, because here was nothing wrong with me. Iโ€™m a happy, well-adjusted, laid-back guy, or so I always thought. The reality, though, is Iโ€™ve been coasting through life, not thinking or feeling, just being.

That is until everything goes wrong, and Emi comes crashing into my life in the worst way possible. Yet for all the drama, angst, and heartache she brings with her, sheโ€™s also shown me what it means to be humanโ€”to feel, love, and hurt. Sheโ€™s taught me what it meant to be alive.

Sheโ€™s so fragile, yet sheโ€™s also the strongest person I knowโ€”a true survivor. Sheโ€™s been to hell and back but wakes up every morning ready to fight another day.

And when tragedy strikes and my perfect world falls apart, sheโ€™s the one helping me pick up the pieces. Yet each time she needs me to be there for her, she pushes me away.

But I refuse to just walk away. Sheโ€™s taught me that real life isnโ€™t easy, and if somethingโ€™s worth wanting, itโ€™s worth fighting for.

TRIGGER WARNING This book contains information about domestic violence and/or violence which may be triggering to survivors.


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MV ELLIS knows what itโ€™s like to fall head over heels in love with a badass musician. She followed her heart halfway around the world to be with one. She moved from London to Sydney after a steamy holiday romance with a sexy bass player in sultry Brazil.

Twelve years, two children and a dog later, and sheโ€™s still smitten. All this with a guy she sat next to on a bus for 36 hours! She has toured internationally as a โ€œWAG,โ€ and her experiences inspire her writing.

Ellisโ€™s love of romance began when she was 11 years old, after a summer spent secretly reading her auntieโ€™s books. Sheโ€™s been a sucker for an alpha hero and strong heroine ever since.

An avid reader, Ellis always knew sheโ€™d write a book of her own one day. She was right about that. Following a career spanning advertising, marketing, and social media, she finally wrote Catching London in 2017.












My Review…

Rough Ink

With every book I read from Ms. Ellis (and I’ll admit, it’s ALL of them) I admire her work more and more.ย  You can tell she is really finding her groove and her confidence in her storytelling.

This is Spider and Emi’s story.ย  First off, I like the fact that she embraces characters from all walks of life and ethnicity. I admire that about her and I also admire that her character’s ethnicity is almost secondary to what her characters feel and how they relate to each other and the relationships they forge.ย  It’s like an afterthought and shows that love is colorblind and it’s beautiful.

The tragedies that both characters face is heartbreaking and would totally break a lesser person.ย  But the strength of both Spider and Emi and their unbelievable strength together is phenomenal.ย  Even with their tragic and catastrophic initial meeting (it was no meet-cute by any stretch of the imagination) the love that these two characters had for each other was amazing.

The chemistry between Spider and Emi was volcanic and oh so swoony!ย  Reading past characters and the other crew at SK:eTCH was like a bit of a family reunion and I can’t wait to see more stories from this cast of characters.

You can’t go wrong with and MV Ellis book!ย  Get your hands on it!!

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