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No Whisk, No Reward, an all-new small-town romance from Ellie Kay, is coming available now!

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How do you know if a risk is worth taking? If you knew, there wouldn’t be any risk.

Following a disastrous appearance on a televised baking show, Sophie Copeland is certain things can’t get any worse. Several calamities later, Sophie finds herself in Green Valley, Tennessee with no plan, no place to stay, and no prospects. But at least she has a temporary seasonal arrangement with the famed Donner Bakery. And that’s something, right?

It’s not permanent, and it’s not a home, but it’s still something.

Enter Joel Barnes, a Green Valley mystery, wrapped in rumors, and a whispered connection to the local notorious biker gang. Joel’s got a name for being bad news, but he also has an apartment for rent.

Intrigued by the dichotomy of Joel’s reputation and sexy southern pull, Sophie can’t help but be tempted, even though she knows—given her (bad) luck—she should stay far, far away. . .

Yet as everyone knows, without risk, there’s no reward.

‘No Whisk, No Reward’ is a full-length contemporary romantic comedy, can be read as a standalone, and is book#3 in the Donner Bakery series, Green Valley World, Penny Reid Book Universe.


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About Ellie Kay

Ellie Kay is an Australian born living in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada who honed her creative writing skills in the colorful, and imaginative world of Corporate Insurance.

Socially awkward, she loves to respond to theatre ticket vendors who say, “enjoy the movie” with, “Thanks, you too,”, but she also likes to cook, travel and spend time with her partner and cat Taako.

Ellie is on a mission to help change the stigma surrounding the Romance genre and hopes to see a day when they are no longer considered “guilty pleasures,” but rather, just a pleasure.

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My Review…

I cannot tell you how much I am loving the stories from the Smartypants Romance world!

This new to me author has embraced the people and community of Green Valley and made it even more!

This is the story of Sophie and Joel.  Sophie the new gal in town and Joel the misunderstood resident of Green Valley.

I enjoyed the slow burn of this story… the way that Ms. Kay describes the touches between Joel and Sophie just made me melt and swoon in the best ways!

Sophie is a sassy pants! She is willing to fight for those she feels strongly about and will do just about anything for them. Including some things that could burn her.  I could empathize with her vulnerabilities and her fragile self-esteem when it came to her profession.  I cheered hard for her and I applauded her bravery!

Joel…oh my me! I wanted to squeeze him tight.  His lonely life before Sophie bled through the pages and it just made me love him a bit more.  His chivalry and his curmudgeon-ness were a perfect blend.  Then add a bit of his vulnerability and that just the perfect cocktail!

I absolutely enjoyed this story!! Congratulations Ms. Kay! Job well done!

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