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Oopsie Daisy: A Steamy Romantic Comedy

Iris Morland


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My professor gave me my first D.

Now my next assignment is due…in nine months.


You know when you meet your new professor, and he ends up being the same man you had a one-night stand with three months ago?

Okay, maybe not. Let me explain.

I hadn’t intended to sleep with my professor. I might be known as the impulsive, prankster daughter in my family, but I’m not insane. I just wanted to have some fun in Ireland at my sister’s wedding, and maybe lose my virginity, too.

When I met Lochlann Gallagher at a pub one night, I couldn’t resist him. He was hot, Irish, and entirely set on seducing me. One unforgettable night under the sheets with him, and my V-card went up in smoke.

Well, that night had one itty bitty consequence because Lochlann totally made my eggo preggo. 

And if this story isn’t crazy enough, Lochlann is not just my baby daddy: he’s now my professor and my advisor for grad school. 

Somehow we have to figure out a way not to reveal this rapidly gestating secret while resisting the explosive attraction between us. 

Except there’s just one more complication to this story: I think I’m totally falling for my baby daddy. 

Oopsie daisy.


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My Review…

The Flower Shop Sisters

Oh how I was waiting, oh so impatiently, for Kate’s book!! And it was so worth the wait!

Oopsie Daisy is Kate & Lochlann’s story and what a funny, steamy, heartfelt story it is!

Kate is the youngest sister, she is the prankster, the nerdy girl, the screw-up….well that’s what she thinks.  I see her as funny, courageous and kick-butt type of heroine we all need!  She is fierce in her determination to make a better world.  When she meets Lochlann well then sparks fly and like gasoline and a flame they burn up the pages!

Lochlann is studious, he too is determined to make his mark in the world, but he falls in lust hard for Kate. I wanted to shake him sometimes for his selfishness, but then he came through quite brilliantly…

When Kate & Lochlann’s one night stand turns into so much more…well complications arise, feelings get changed and hearts get bruised.

Ms. Morland creates magic with her words! This is a true romantic comedy! Kate is hilarious and is such a foil to Lochlann’s uptight nature!

This whole series is fantastic, but I think I will have a soft spot for this story in particular!! So well done!

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