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TITLE: Rough Sketch

AUTHOR: Kate Canterbary

SERIES: Talbott’s Cove — interconnected standalones

RELEASE DATE: Tuesday, October 29



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This crazy-hot enemies-to-lovers standalone novella pits boss lady Neera Malik against arrogant artist Gus Guillmand, and they fight dirrrrrty.



Smart, successful, and sitting pretty at the top of her game, Neera Malik has it all figured out.

Save for the small issue of Gustavo Guillmand.


The artist with a cultโ€”and Instagramโ€”following has a problem and it’s not his preference for shirtless selfies.ย 

No, he has an attitude problem, a minding his own business problem, an infuriatingly sexy problem.ย 


They can’t stand each other and they can’t stay away from each other.ย 





My Review…

Talbott’s Cove

I just love revisiting Talbott’s cove. And this fast, dirty and sassy story of Neera and Gus is just the fix I needed!

The flow of Neera and Gus’s relationship is sharp and jagged, but also so, so perfect for the two of them.

I loved Gus’s determination to get Neera and to give her what she needed. He pushed her to show her that she needed to be “seen” and he did it in such holy hotness ways!

Neera has been a “kingmaker” her whole adult career. Taking care of others and was content to stand in the shadows.ย  Then Gus comes along and shines a bright and colorful world that she could live in.

Smart, funny romance is what you get from Ms. Canterbary and this story is both!ย  Well done!

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