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“Happy Trail was a feel good, funny and heartwarming adventure with the usual Daisy Prescott charm..”– T. Gephart, USA Today bestselling author

Happy Trail, an all-new opposites attract standalone romance from USA Today bestselling author Daisy Prescott, is available now!

20190718_GVPR01_Happy Trail_Prescott_KDP_FINAL

A man of few words, Ranger Jay Daniels values the calm, quiet solitude of the Great Smoky Mountains. Never quite fitting in with either side of his family, he prefers the company of birds and trees to people.

Yeah, he’d most definitely prefer a bird—any bird, any bird at all, take a vulture for instance—to the human-tornado hybrid that just blew onto his peaceful stretch of the Appalachian Trail.

The path of true love never has run smooth for Olive Perry. After getting dumped and promptly abandoned in the middle of her multi-month hike, Olive swears off men. Determined to finish the long trek by herself, she doesn’t need a prince—or broody and taciturn ranger—to save her.

Yet, when an early snowstorm threatens the mountains, and Ranger Daniels is charged with getting hikers to safety, that includes hot-tempered Olive Perry. Snowed in and forced to share an abandoned cabin, can Olive’s heated intensity melt Jay’s cool reserve?

And if so, will this happy trail lead to true love? Or will their time together be just another bump in the road?

‘Happy Trail’ is a full-length contemporary romantic comedy, can be read as a standalone, and is book#1 in the Park Ranger series.


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About Daisy Prescott

Born and raised in San Diego, Daisy currently lives in a real life Stars Hollow in the Boston suburbs with her husband, their rescue dog, Mulder, and an imaginary house goat. When not writing about herself in the third person, Daisy can be found traveling, gardening, baking, or lost in a good book.

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My Review…

I am so loving the Smartypants Romance books!!

Happy Trial is just another jewel in the series of books.

Daisy Prescott is a new to me author and I am so glad I got the opportunity to read this.

This is the quirky, swoony, heartfelt and just lovely romance in the Park Ranger series.

This is Jay and Olive’s story.

Olive is an amazing character! I floved her quirkiness and I admired her strength and determination.  She didn’t let a crappy situation and experience take away from her doing something she wanted to do. She was a hilarious character if she was a real person I would totally want to be BFF’s with her!

Jay was also amazing.  He is a bit jaded, but rightfully so, to be facing discrimination and outright bigotry in this day and age is sad and so unsavory.  He keeps his cards close to his vest and when Olive comes hiking into his world, he sees what could be.

The dialogue was funny and even educational.  I get a kick out of learning new things!

As this is set in the fictional world of Green Valley, it was lovely to see past characters make cameo appearances! To me, it just adds more to the story and really blends it into the world that Penny Reid created.

I can’t wait to add some of Ms. Prescott’s previous stories onto my TBR list!

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